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Jobseekers react to 'beer test' Steve Jobs used to interview people at Apple

Jobseekers react to 'beer test' Steve Jobs used to interview people at Apple

The iPhone inventor's interviewing technique has caused quite a stir.

Steve Jobs' beer test has become a bit of a legend in the job interview world, mostly because it's a lot more of an attractive prospect than being quizzed on how well you work as part of a team.

Apple employees who were recruited after passing the unusual initiation test became the envy of hundreds of applicants over night, as impressing the iPhone inventor over a cold one was surely more worthy than anything else on their CV.

In a bid to unmask the true identity behind the person he was possibly going to hire, Jobs decided that generic interview questions were out, and pints were in.

The late and great tech mogul would take candidates for a stroll before heading for a beer with them to engage in some relaxed conversation, hoping that this would loosen them up a little.

And let's be honest, one whiff of alcohol can get some people to spill their guts - so Jobs would be able to weed out the bad apples while hiring the best of the best.

He would ask them thought-provoking questions which forced potential employees to dig deep, which reportedly ranged from the weighty 'When was the last time you accomplished something?' to a simple, 'What did you do last summer?'

First reported by, it's not actually been verified if Jobs referred to it as a 'beer test', but he was known for his love of walking meetings and would often take job candidates out for a meal, according to

Steve Jobs' beer test is viewed as an ideal interviewing technique by some.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It might sound like the ideal interview situation to someone searching for work, but what does your average jobseeker think about it?

Plenty responded when marketing whizz Amber Lord offered up her take on the beer test debate.

The content creator, who brings a 'spicy millennial take on toxic work culture' online, shared a video on her TikTok account @lifeandworkbutbetter detailing her opinion of Jobs' interview technique.

Posing the question to her followers, she asked: "Is the beer test something that management should really start looking into?"

Apple interviewees hoped they were raising a glass to their new employment.
Getty stock photo

She quickly ran through the ins and outs of the beer test, saying that after shooting the sh*t, chatting about life and strolling, if Jobs 'could really see himself working with this person, he would hire them'.

Adding her own two pence to the topic, Amber said: "This makes sense on so many levels, because people spend so much time at work and they spend so much time together.

"So if you actually like each other and get along, have similar personalities and the same kind of work ethic, things can be amazing and go really well for the company - for you, for life."

The self-proclaimed 'TikTok expert' said the beer test was an interview trick that is 'cool' for both bosses and prospective employees, explaining it can help them both find a common ground before they start sharing an office space.

You can watch her talk about it below, but bear in mind the clip contains some strong language:

Jobseekers were left divided, with most firmly against this style of interview.

One said: "If this happened, a lot of people would never get employed. Including myself."

A second simply said: "Absolutely not."

A third was similarly against it, writing: "No. Employment shouldn't be dependent on you being friendly or being seen as someone cool to hang out with. Just let me come in, do my job and pay me."

A fourth added: "This is discriminatory against anyone who is sober. Even switching it up to a coffee could lead a manager to make assumptions driven by unconscious bias. It's also not practical for remote workers."

A fifth hit out: "Literal definition of good ole boys club. This is the mentality that keep marginalized people from ever having a chance."

Not everyone was against it though.

One wrote: "I wish interviewers would take the time. It's helpful for both sides."

Another chimed in: "So much better than those stupid HR questions!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Lifeandworkbutbetter/Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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