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TV show's disastrous home makeover sees rooms looking like 'something from a horror film'

TV show's disastrous home makeover sees rooms looking like 'something from a horror film'

The Daleys were not impressed with what the team of amateur interior designers did to their home

Letting a total stranger loose in your house is a bold step, and one that should not be taken lightly.

One unfortunate family discovered this fact the most awkward way possible:

Cast your mind back a few years, and you might just recall a makeover show titled Your Home In Their Hands.

A bit like Changing Rooms, it followed desperate homeowners who handed over their keys to a bunch of inexperienced interior designers to work their magic.

Unsurprisingly, it often ended in tears, with many couples involved seriously regretting taking part.

One such family were the Daleys, who were less than pleased with the work done on their home.

In a clip from that particular episode, Zoe and Steve can be seen being shown their bedroom for the first time since they let the design team in.

Steve was not happy.

Opening their eyes, the husband is clearly not happy with the way it's gone, his lip pursed and a look of disappointment in his eyes.

I mean, it's not hard to see why, with a bizarre curtain effect emblazoned right round the room, a taxidermy rat/squirrel-thing and a strange mannequin in the corner.

However, his partner tries to see the bright side of things, saying: "It looks a lot bigger than then it was, a lot."

"You don't look overly excited," the host asks Steve.

Yeah, no s**t.

"I don't particularly like the case," he replies. "I really don't like the squirrel. Not a big fan of the pearls. I don't like the drawers. I don't like the mannequin.

"What is that?" Steve asked after being shown his refurnished home.

"And I really, I'm very undecided about the curtain effect. But other than that, yeah, I like the bed and the carpet and the lamp."

But this is a success compared to their daughter's room. Gulp.

Opening the door into the teenager's bedroom, it's basically like being in a massive child's drawing.

The 'interior designers' have painted everything white, with huge black crayon effect outlines over everything - the windows, the wardrobes, everything.

And it's safe to say their daughter is not impressed, either.

Another victory for the team of interior designers.

Welling up, a stunned Jess says: "No, I hate it. I think it's just more childish than I wanted it to be, a lot more childish than I want it to be. In all fairness."

Again, trying to find a glimmer of hope in the utter car crash, the mum jumps in, telling her daughter: "Nobody, none of your friends are gonna have a room like this. None of them."

To which the dad points out: "I think that might be why she doesn't like it."

Yeah, I reckon you're right, mate.

And people online seemed to agree after seeing the clip.

"Both rooms were like something from a horror film," said one viewer.

While another added: "Imagine having anxiety in that room. I would be in a constant panic attack."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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