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Thieves steal £10,000 worth of trainers but they were all for right foot

Thieves steal £10,000 worth of trainers but they were all for right foot

Imagine how it feels to be in their shoes right now...

Thieves in Peru have really put their foot in it after a robbery gone wrong at a shoe store in the city of Huancayo.

Criminals made off with about £10,000 worth of trainers, likely chuffed with themselves at the lucrative heist - that is until they realised that they were all for the right foot.

Whatever the genius thieves had planned to do with their loot, they've very likely been stopped in their tracks after making the discovery.


Unless these guys have a huge one-legged client base, this may prove to be a problem.

It's reported that three individuals broke into a shop in Huancayo and grabbed more than 200 (right foot) trainers, with an estimated value of £10,000, according to the shop owner.

Not only that, but the entire robbery was caught on a security camera.

Footage of the theft shows the three thieves breaking a padlock on the shoe shop's shutter in the dead of night.

They're then seen using a tricycle to take shoe boxes from different brands.

What they failed to take into account was that each of those boxes was only holding one shoe - the other likely being on display on the shop floor.

The thieves haven't yet admitted de-feet and turned themselves in, but police don't imagine it'll be long before they're discovered.


Speaking to Peruvian media, local police chief Eduan Díaz said: "We have gathered evidence at the scene. The unusual thing about this robbery is that shoes from only the right foot have been stolen.

"With the footage and the fingerprints, we will be able to locate those individuals."

Until then, those three criminals have a lot of sole searching to do.

The bizarre, and admittedly pathetic, robbery comes shortly after a way more impressive heist was pulled off in Toronto, Canada, involving the disappearance of $20 million (£12 million) of gold and valuables.

Police are investigating the movie-style theft that saw a high-value shipment of gold and other pricey items go missing from Toronto airport.

Unlike our poor shoe thieves, it's presumed that the criminals involved in the gold robbery were a professional gang.

I know we've moved onto the gold robbery, but I'm still not over how ridiculous the shoe heist was.

Commenting on the incident, Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn told reporters the plane arrived early Monday evening and its ‘high value’ cargo was unloaded and taken to a holding facility.

He explained: “An aircraft arrived here at the airport in the early evening. As per normal procedure, the aircraft was unloaded and cargo was transported from the aircraft to a holding cargo facility."

Duivesteyn said that sometime later the container was 'removed by illegal means’ and was reported missing.

The Greater Toronto Airport Authority said in a statement: "As this is an active police investigation, we are unable to provide any comments regarding the matter at this time."

If it helps at all, there are definitely at least three Peruvian thieves that we can rule out from this mastermind crime.

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