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‘Time traveller’ makes eerie prediction about people ‘falling from the sky' in 2023

‘Time traveller’ makes eerie prediction about people ‘falling from the sky' in 2023

The time traveller has made a series of claims about the coming months

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's just someone falling from the sky. Welcome to 2023, I guess.

The world has pretty much seemed like pure chaos since March 2020, but according to a TikTok user claiming to be a time traveller from 2671, things are only going to get more confusing and horrifying from here.

If you're trying to remain optimistic about the future, I advise you to either stop reading now or keep in mind that these claims are coming from someone who has chosen to use their time-travelling abilities to start a TikTok account.

In their most recent post, 'time traveller' Eno Alaric shared five dates that we apparently have to look out for over the coming months, starting on 30 November.

First up, we have the discovery of a planet which is a 'mirrored version of Earth'.

It sounds like something scientists across the globe would be very excited about, but Alaric's video is designed to 'warn', not spark excitement, so I guess the planet isn't home to anything good.

The time traveller's first date is just a few weeks away.

According to the time traveller, the New Year gets off to a terrible start, with a plane set to go missing while flying over the Bermuda Triangle.

And a couple of months later, people all across the globe receive a 'message' which 'seems to have come from the ocean'.

Whatever the ocean is trying to tell us, it obviously isn't prepared to go ignored, because on 15 May, 2023, the time traveller claims the California coast will be hit by a 750-foot 'mega tsunami'.

And then, of course, the moment we've all been waiting for.

"June 18, 2023: 7 people mysteriously fall from the sky, but there was nothing flying in that area."

The TikToker claims a plane will go missing.

Could they be the passengers from the missing Bermuda Triangle plane? Or perhaps some paragliders who got swept off course? Who knows.

The time traveller doesn't reveal what becomes of these people, but I've never really known of a situation where someone falling from the sky is a good thing.

It will only take a couple of weeks before we begin to see whether the time traveller's claims about these five upcoming dates are correct.

But despite the dubious nature of the predictions, some TikTok users seem to trust Alaric enough to ask for more insights.

For example, one user took the opportunity to put this all-important question to them: "When is gta 6 release date?"

Keep your ears open for news of an Earth-like planet, because it could just be the start of many dark things to come.

Featured Image Credit: Gary Dobner/Alamy

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