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Tony Hawk Hopes To Walk 'Unaided' Again After Horrific Injury

Tony Hawk Hopes To Walk 'Unaided' Again After Horrific Injury

The skateboarding legend sustained a serious injury doing what he loves the most

Tony Hawk is hopeful that he will be able to walk 'unaided' again after sustaining a horrific injury. See footage of him in hospital following the injury here:

The skateboarding legend revealed earlier this week that he had broken his leg, sharing an X-ray of the grim-looking injury.

Now the 53-year-old has explained how he snapped his femur and said he's set his sights on walking unassisted once again.

Hawk said he was attempting a McTwist (a front flip with a 540-degree rotation) but had 'very little speed and an unsteady grab' and ended up crashing down on the halfpipe.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, he said: "I hit the wall sooner than expected in a half-squat position and it sent me straight to the flat onto my knees.

"The force of my body position upon impact broke my front leg as I came sliding to a stop."

The veteran skateboarder said he then had to 'manoeuvre' his leg back into place while he waited for an ambulance, before immediately undergoing surgery in hospital.

The road to recovery ahead is long, and for the time being, Hawk's goal is to walk unaided once more.

Tony Hawk said his goal now is to walk unaided.

He said: "Whatever comes after that will be a bonus."

Announcing the devastating injury on Instagram on Wednesday (9 March), Hawk wrote: "Yesterday sucked.

"I broke my elbow 20 years ago and managed to make a full comeback; this recovery for a broken femur will be much harder because of its severity (and my age). But I'm up for the challenge."

Hawk noted the irony of the injury occurring the night before HBO dropped the trailer for documentary Until The Wheels Fall Off.

The doc will take a look inside Hawk's life and career, focusing on how he still continues to skate at his age.

Looking forward, he hopes to get back on the board - though he's accepted he may never be quite the same again.

He wrote: "There is a strange irony that this happened on the eve of HBO releasing a trailer for Until The Wheels Fall Off, Sam Jones' documentary about my life & career, which has a strong focus on the philosophy of how I/we do this at our age.

"The answer is complicated, but ultimately it's because I have found my sense of purpose and shaped my identity through skating, and it nourishes my mental health immensely.

"I've said many times that I won't stop skating until I am physically unable. A broken leg - with plenty of hardware - will probably be the biggest test of that creed.

"I'll be back… maybe not at full capacity but I resigned to that notion years ago as I approached 'mid-life'.

"Thanks to my unyieldingly supportive, tolerant family - and all of you - for the love and support through the years; I wouldn't be here without you. See you on the other side."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@tonyhawk/Alamy

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