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Official trailer for video game about squirrel with a gun has been released and it looks incredible

Rachel Lang

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Official trailer for video game about squirrel with a gun has been released and it looks incredible

The first official trailer for the video game about a squirrel with a gun has dropped and it looks absolutely incredible.


It's unsurprisingly called Squirrel with a Gun, and while it isn't the game what we expected to get in 2022, it is what we wanted - nay - needed.

The game sees you step into the shoes of a gun-toting, nut-eating squirrel on a mission.


Indie developer Daniel DeEntremont has given us the first proper look at the gameplay, and, let's just say, it delivers on its promises.

You play as the wily, furry rodent who can torment or protect the neighbourhood while dodging bad guys called 'Agents'.

The high-octane thriller shooter game is described by developers as 'a sandbox game that focuses on exploration and shooting combat'.

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"Defend yourself from random encounters with Agents, using various weapons," the game description reads.

"Deflect their melee attacks with exceptional timing to disarm them."

Plus, you can mug or help your neighbours when armed with your trusty handgun.


You can also use your gun recoil to help you cross larger gaps as well as the standard squirrel powers of neatly climbing and jumping.

They're useful skills when you have a pack of secret agents on your tail.

The game doesn't have a release date yet but it has been wishlisted on Steam.


And people are frothing for it.

One person on social media said: "This is a masterpiece. Oh, and also we need squirrel with a knife."

Another said: "This has to have a multiplayer. Imagine this with the homies."

A third chipped in, imaging a whole series of gaming possibilities: "I hope we get sequels/expansions like bear with a shotgun, eagle with a sword, etc."


Another had a great idea for squirrel-related mayhem: "It would be dope if you could tie people's shoes together underneath tables and stuff."

But one social media summed it up for the rest of us with: "I can’t wait to try this." Honestly, same.

There seems to be a market for games where you get up to dumb antics.

new game where you play a cat – yes, a cat – has become the highest rated game of the year so far after being released in late July.

Or you can play a different game with a more political intrigue vibe, because some legend has created Scotty goes to Centrelink, where you get to be the former Australian Prime Minister as he hunts for the dole.

Squirrel with a Gun will be released on Steam, however there is no release date yet as of yet.

Featured Image Credit: Squirrel with a Gun (Dan DeEntremont)/Twitter.

Topics: Gaming, Animals, Weird, News

Rachel Lang
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