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Woman stunned after discovering what Travelodge logo actually is

Woman stunned after discovering what Travelodge logo actually is

It's an optical illusion that's gone over a lot of people's heads

The Travelodge logo is a familiar sight in British towns and cities, but do you actually know what the familiar logo for the hotels really is?

Well, one woman took to TikTok to share her utter astonishment when she discovered the seemingly hidden meaning behind the familiar Travelodge logo.

When you see it for yourself, you'll be shocked if you've got it wrong until now.

TikTok user @chxrll explained on the social media platform that you might have to look twice to get what the logo is.

So have you taken a good hard look?

While some have mistakenly assumed that the Travelodge logo are hills (and alternatively hills and a sunset), it is, in fact, a person tucked up in bed sleeping.

The TikTok user captioned her now-viral video: "My dumb ass thinking about how the Travelodge logo is a person sleeping...

"For years I thought it was hills!"

The TikToker wasn't the only person who was oblivious to what the common sight actually is, and countless shocked viewers took to the comments section to share their surprise.

TikTok users were floored by the real meaning of the Travelodge logo.
TikTok / @chxrll

With an even more unlikely take than hills, one viewer wrote: "S**t I thought it was a seagull."

A second added: "I've never seen that before in all my life I thought it was just colours."

"NO WAY. Been living a lie my whole life," wrote a third while a fourth added: "I work for Travelodge and I've never realised."

So if you hadn't noticed it until now like me, take comfort in the knowledge that some Travelodge employees don't even know what it is.

But when you think about it, the logo makes perfect marketing sense, even if the vast majority of people don't seem to have noticed it.

That's why it's fair to say that it's an optical illusion, but it turns out that while it went over a lot of heads, some people did see it on a first glance.

One wrote: "Am I the only one that has always known it's a person sleeping? I feel kinda special not gonna lie."

However, it is worth noting that the Travelodge logo is not the only familiar sight that's an optical illusion, as noted in the comments section to @chxrll's video.

Another user joked: "Wait until you realise that the Toblerone logo is a bear on a mountain."

Featured Image Credit: @chxrll/TikTok/Alamy

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