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Turkish Influencer Sentenced After Posing On Giant Penis

Turkish Influencer Sentenced After Posing On Giant Penis

Merve Taskin visited Amsterdam's Sex Museum and took pictures of herself sitting on top of a huge penis

A Turkish influencer has been sentenced for taking pictures in Amsterdam's Sex Museum, which authorities deemed 'obscene' when she returned home. You can watch the video here:

Merve Taskin, who boasts 571,000 followers on Instagram, took the snaps at the Sex Museum and neighbouring Red Light District while she was on a trip to the Dutch capital to celebrate her 22nd birthday in January last year (2020, for anyone who currently has no idea what day it is).

The images show her hugging a giant penis statue, and another photo is made to look as if she is standing naked behind a door window like a sex worker.

She was arrested on 'obscenity charges' in the the north-western Turkish city of Canakkale three months later, and the offending snaps have since been removed from her social media page.


According to Turkish law, people who publish 'obscene' material can receive a prison sentence of up to three years.

A court initially sentenced Taskin, now aged 23, to six months in prison. However, it was reduced to five months due to good conduct, and then later suspended.

The influencer took to Instagram to write: "The prosecution office gave its opinion to our detriment.

"Against the opinion, we stated that, in general, my posts are within the limits of freedom of expression, that there is no precedent in the world, and that this concrete situation does not mean that our investigation authority is conducting an investigation that will set an example to the world, but that it shows how far behind the world we are in terms of freedom of expression."


She went on to add: "However, the court would not agree with us, so it sentenced me to 5 months in prison. Despite all this, the relatively good news is that hagb (postponement of the announcement of the provision) was applied in this judgment that was set against me.

"In the current situation, if I do not deliberately commit a crime within 5 years, the provision will be annulled with all its consequences."

Sex Museum director Monique van Marle told reporters she wrote to Taskin, telling her: "Our museum is intended to educate people all around the world about the history of sex. We admire you for expressing yourself and posting such pictures."

Featured Image Credit: Merve Taskin/Newsflash

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