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Kate Beckinsale Says A Fan Sent A Pet Rabbit To Her House

Kate Beckinsale Says A Fan Sent A Pet Rabbit To Her House

The actor urged people not to send live animals to people's houses

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Kate Beckinsale has revealed that an anonymous fan sent a rabbit and a bunch of flowers to her house.

In a video posted to her Instagram page, which has since been deleted, the actor showed her followers the cute brown and white bunny she found sitting in a cage on her doorstep.

Confused, the 47-year-old said she 'felt bad' for the little fella being left outside her house.

In the clip, she can be heard saying: "Maybe [the flowers] have a note. Why have we got an adult rabbit suddenly [arriving]?"

"What did he say his name was? Marvel? I feel a bit bad for Marvel being just suddenly dropped off at my house. What the f**k is going on?"

Writing in the caption, the Underworld actor said she appreciated the sentiment but urged people not to send animals to her home.

Kate Beckinsale says Marvel was sent to her by a fan.

She said it could have turned out very badly for the rabbit, had it been left outside in the heat for a long time.

Beckinsale wrote: "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE however much someone loves animals please never send an unsolicited pet to someone's house.

"Especially anonymously and especially on a boiling hot day where it could have been left outside to roast to death."

She added: "Appreciate so much the good wishes but please please don't send anyone an animal as a present or a joke or really at all."

Fortunately, the actor revealed that she had managed to find someone to take care of Marvel.

"We have found a loving home for Marvel without cats but it was quite a shock and I think pretty unsettling for Marvel too," she said.

She urged people not to send animals to people's houses.

But I guess the Brit actor should count herself lucky that she hadn't found Cocoa Puff the Continental Giant rabbit sat waiting for her.

For one thing, she definitely would have needed a bigger cage.

People on social media have been absolutely bowled over by the massive pet rabbit, who lives with a family in Seattle, Washington.

Commanding an impressive 292,000 followers on Instagram alone, Cocoa Puff is the star of many photos and videos which depict him interacting with everyone in the family.

Mum Lindsay told The Morning Show: "We decided to get a rabbit because we were renting and we couldn't get a dog or a cat.

"Our daughter Macy is a huge animal lover, and we really wanted to add a pet to our family, so we decided to look into getting a rabbit.

"And we discovered that giant rabbits are very good with kids."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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