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Locals Spread Animal Faeces Around Derbyshire Blue Lagoon To Deter Visitors

Tom Wood


Locals Spread Animal Faeces Around Derbyshire Blue Lagoon To Deter Visitors

Locals who are sick of day-trippers turning up at a 'beauty spot' in Derbyshire known as the 'Blue Lagoon' have spread a layer of animal faeces and slurry around the outside of the water to deter visitors from enjoying the hot weather there.

So, the Blue Lagoon in Harpur Hill is actually called Hoffman Quarry and, while it looks like a lovely place to spend a warm afternoon, it's actually a toxic former lime quarry.

In fact, the famous blue waters have been dyed black on several occasions in order to keep people from taking a potentially dangerous dip.

Now, farmers who live near to Harpur Hill have taken the next step and decided to pour a heap of animal slurry, including a load of pig and cow excrement, around the edges of the spot.

Credit: Derbyshire Live
Credit: Derbyshire Live

The reason that they're so keen to keep everyone away, completely apart from the fact that people have been nuisance parking, urinating publicly near to the site, and reportedly abusing locals, is actually for the safety of the visitors.

Despite repeated attempts to discourage people swimming there, people have still be spotted regularly taking a swim in the toxic waters.

That's why they dyed it black initially, removing the blue water that has made it such a phenomenon.

However, that hasn't kept people away, and each day - even on less summery days - people can be seen setting up barbecues, carting slabs of cans up there, and often leaving their rubbish behind them.

This slurry spreading is the first of several runs at making the place less attractive to visitors, and it seems as if this method might actually work.

Credit: Derby Telegraph
Credit: Derby Telegraph

Derbyshire Live reporter Gareth Butterfield went up there for a look, and said: "The foul stench of slurry hits you as soon as you reach the first gate.

"Even on a calm, drizzly morning, the smell is readily wafting down to the cycle path below and, by the time you reach the gap in the fence around the edge of the quarry, you're getting quite a lung-full.

"I can't say it's the sort of smell that hits you at the back of the throat - although I suspect it will be once tomorrow's sunshine has started baking it - but it's very unpleasant, put it that way."

He continued: "The thought of someone setting up a barbecue up there absolutely turns my stomach. It really is quite disgusting there now."

Well, let's hope that it keeps the tourists away, because that water is definitely not somewhere you'd want to be swimming.

Featured Image Credit: Derby Telegraph

Topics: UK News, Weird, Animals

Tom Wood
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