It's Still December In 2017 But Easter Eggs Are Already On The Shelves

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It's Still December In 2017 But Easter Eggs Are Already On The Shelves

We haven't recycled all of the leftover Christmas wrapping paper yet but it hasn't stopped retailers from moving onto the next big money-making holiday. Or even the one after that.

Yes, from people's social media posts it seems that UK supermarkets have already started shoving Easter eggs on the shelves even though 2017 isn't even yet a distant memory of fidget spinners and Star Wars. Is there nothing sacred left in this world?

The Co-op looks to be the first to have started the rabbit race as many of its stores across the country have already put Easter eggs on display for people to buy, according to users on Twitter.


"I love Easter holidays as much as anyone else but selling Easter eggs on the 27th December @coopukfood is a joke," said Phillip Joel.

"We haven't even had Valentine's Day yet! Why not sell normal chocolate. Easter is over 3 months away. I'd expect this of other major retailers but thought you guys had more of a conscience. Disappointed," said Fiona McDonald.


While the Co-op is the main retailer to have been called out for the act so far, it looks like it isn't the only culprit.

Natalie, from Bedfordshire, posted her friend Nathan's picture after he saw Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs on display at a Tesco in London.

She said: 'WTAF @tesco? January last year was too soon but Boxing Day is bloody ridiculous!! Please can we stop this incessant pushing of the next festival before the current one has even finished? It's wrong!! Easter eggs should go out on March 1st!!!!'


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Co-op responded to the shit storm on Twitter, justifying its decision to flog the eggs due to limited space in its shops, along with the fact that some wrong 'uns will actually go ahead and buy them.

"As a convenience retailer, our stores often have limited backroom space which means products go on-shelf when space appears," Co-op tweeted.

"Sales figures also show that many customers will buy chocolate eggs as soon as they can."


Better head off - looks like we need to start stocking up on singing fairy lights and bags of heart-shaped lebkuchen for next Christmas.

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