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Reason supermarkets start putting Easter eggs on shelves now has been explained

Reason supermarkets start putting Easter eggs on shelves now has been explained

Brits are already being bombarded with Easter products just days into the New Year

Although you might have some festive feeling lingering, retailers reckon the holiday period is well and truly over - and they have already started concentrating on the next one.

If you've seen the inside of a supermarket lately, you will have noticed that all the selection boxes and stocking fillers have been swapped out for little chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs.

Father Christmas had barely finished his rounds before shops started ditching all their festive stuff in favour of treats that we're used to seeing in the springtime.

Even though Easter falls on 31 March this year and is just less than three months away, Brits are already being bombarded with products every time they and try and do the weekly shop.

Reminder, it is only 5 January - and there's still a half open pack of minced pies on the kitchen side.

So, like a lot of customers, you may be wondering why retailers start shoving Easter stuff down our throats at the first opportunity - and of course, it's a covert commercial technique.

Shops are already brimming with Easter products.
Matthew Chattle/Future Publishing via Getty Images

According to psychotherapist Kamalyn Kaur, shoppers are sort of tricked into spending more money as you think you're getting prepared for Easter ahead of time - but you often end up having to replenish your stockpile down the line as well.

The expert told Metro: "Easter eggs being in the shops now is a strategy which can trigger our psychological triggers that encourage us to buy them now!

"Shops will often strategically introduce seasonal items well in advance of the actual holiday or event to create a sense of anticipation and excitement that can prompt early purchases.

"Seeing Easter eggs displayed now can serve as a visual or subconscious reminder of the event, which can encourage people to start planning their Easter celebrations well in advance."

Brits apparently end up buying double the product in the end.
Alamy/Stuart Black

Kaur explained that seasonal items are often displayed on the shelves early at cheaper prices, which 'creates a sense of urgency' among customers who feel as though they should buy them while they cost less.

But although you might think you're being practical and savvy, the majority of the time you are actually signing up to an endless cycle of filling up your trolley with Easter eggs.

How long do you reckon you will be able to resist all the chocolately goodness sat on the side between now and March?

We've all done it - seen one egg and thought 'I've got ages, I'll just replace it'.

Before you know it you've grazed on the entire stash, you're back to zero and you resemble Bruce Bogtrotter or Augustus Gloop. Oh and you've also been conned into buying the lot twice so have spent double the cash. Brilliant.

It's not just Easter when this marketing ploy comes around either, so keep your eyes peeled when Valentine's Day, Halloween or even festival season rolls in.

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