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Captain Tom Foundation to be shut down after investigation is over

Captain Tom Foundation to be shut down after investigation is over

The foundation is currently being investigated

Following Hannah-Ingram Moore's explosive interview with Piers Morgan, it has been confirmed the Captain Tom Foundation will close down after an investigation into it concludes.

Sir Captain Tom Moore became a national fundraising hero when he raised more than £39 million for NHS Charities Together before his 100th birthday.

And in June 2020, The Captain Tom Foundation was founded to continue the army veteran’s efforts – who died in February 2021.

However, things have taken a bit of a turn recently as the charity has been met with plenty of controversy.

Last week, Captain Tom’s daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, admitted to keeping £800,000 from the sales of his books – despite suggestions the money would be going to charity.

At the beginning of his autobiography, it reads: "Astonishingly at my age, with the offer to write this memoir I have also been given the chance to raise even more money for the charitable foundation now established in my name."

Captain Tom.
Emma Sohl - Capture the Light Photography via Getty Images

Since Tom’s death in February 2021, the family has been accused of mismanaging the money from his charity, with questions asked about the decision to build a spa pool with the cash, as well as payments of £18,000 to Ingram-Moore to attend a charity event, despite the fact that she was already being paid as the chief executive of the charity at the time.

The Charity Commission, which is run by the government, has been investigating the Captain Tom Foundation for potential conflicts of interest.

And the family’s barrister, Scott Stemp, has said the foundation will be shut down after the investigation is over.

A Planning Inspectorate hearing is being held today (17 October) to decide if the family will have to demolish an unauthorised spa pool at their £1.2 million home.

Captain Tom's family showed the spa pool in the interview.

Planning inspector Diane Fleming asked Stemp about the charity’s memorabilia going on display at the family’s home.

As per Daily Mail, she said: “In my head that's people coming to the property to view these things.”

Stemp said it was 'important context to understand the Captain Tom Foundation is not part of this application and the Foundation will not be using this building'.

Fleming said if memorabilia was there 'then there must be some aspect of the Captain Tom Foundation'.

But Stemp said: "There isn't… it's no news to anybody that the Captain Tom Foundation will be closed down following the Charity Commission investigation."

During her interview with Piers Morgan, Captain Tom’s daughter said: “I think it’s all very easy to look back and think I should have made different decisions, but I hadn’t planned on being the CEO.”

Featured Image Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images/Emma Sohl/Capture the Light Photography/Getty Images

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