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Captain Tom Moore’s daughter speaks out on ‘hate’ war hero got as she was warned not to look online

Captain Tom Moore’s daughter speaks out on ‘hate’ war hero got as she was warned not to look online

Hannah Ingram-Moore has spoken about the 'hate' her father got

The daughter of Captain Sir Tom Moore has spoken about the 'hate' that her family received online during the pandemic.

An interview Hannah Ingram-Moore and her family did with Piers Morgan for TalkTV has been released today (12 October) where they said there was an 'underbelly of hate' in people's attitudes towards them.

Ingram-Moore said she faced 'hate' online and her son told her not to look online at the 'horrible' abuse on social media.

She said: "It never occurred to us anyone could have a 100-year-old man walking up and down to support the NHS and the family behind doing everything they could to support him.

"When it first happened I remember it was Benji who said to me 'mum you might not want to look on your Twitter' I think it was. I said why and he said 'because it's horrible'."

The family of Captain Tom have spoken to Piers Morgan.
Samir Hussein/WireImage

"I think the shock, the deep shock that people were saying 'b**ch should die', 'she should be jailed for harming the elderly', 'bet she's got a cattle-prod taking her father round the garden', 'hope the whole family get Covid and die including him'.

"One day we were doing 30 interviews a day, not because we wanted to but for love and for hope. I was in my work shirt that had the company logo on it, I ran to do it to be with my father.

"The hate that came after that, 'there she is trying to manipulate live to get her business in the spotlight' had never been anything of the sort."

Featured Image Credit: TalkTV/Samir Hussein/WireImage

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