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Skinny House is considered to be ‘London’s coolest optical illusion’ and looks much bigger inside

Skinny House is considered to be ‘London’s coolest optical illusion’ and looks much bigger inside

This house has left people doing double takes

Many of us are used to living in cramped, tiny apartments - but a viral skinny house is in fact surprisingly spacious when you head inside due to a fascinating optical illusion.

The 'Thin House' in Thurloe Square, South Kensington is only six feet wide at its narrowest.

If you're thinking that sounds like far too much of a squeeze to live in comfortably, you would be right.

But fortunately, the house is practically the TARDIS in brick form, as it's much bigger on the inside.

This skinny house has been branded one of London's coolest optical illusions.
Purple Bricks

This terrace has been around since the 1880s and undoubtedly fascinated many people over the years.

People have likened the house to something out of Harry Potter, while others questioned if the house was liveable.

One person lamented: "My claustrophobia would be screaming," while another remarked: "One gust of wind and it's over."

Thanks to an optical illusion, however, the house isn't actually as skinny as it seems.

Kensington's 'Thin House' is actually surprisingly spacious inside.
Purple Bricks

The terrace is actually triangular and the building gets wider further along - stretching out to a much more reasonable 34 feet across.

It was built that way to fill in a triangular patch of land after the Metropolitan District Railway (now the London Underground) led to a number of houses on the street being demolished.

Despite its unusual architecture, the flat still sold for an eye-watering £855,000 last year. It is in Kensington, after all.

In fairness, the flat easily makes the most of whatever space it has.

A description of the property on Purple Bricks read: "A beautiful two bedroom, two bathroom home in fantastic decorative order in historic former artist studios.

On the inside, the house makes use of its space.
Purple Bricks

"Located on one of the best Garden Squares in Kensington and Chelsea with direct access to a south-facing patio/terrace as well as access to the beautiful and dog-friendly Thurloe Square Gardens.

"Thurloe Square is situated in the heart of the Thurloe/Smith Charity Conservation area and is ideally positioned in the heart of South Kensington to take advantage of the wide variety of shops, restaurants and cafes of the immediate area in Chelsea and Knightsbridge, as well as excellent transport links that include Circle, District and Piccadilly lines."

This isn't the only house that has been baffling people lately.

One bloke took to TikTok to express confusion over two houses that were attached to a shop on the ground floor.

The front doors are on the side of the building but seemingly lead right into the shelves of the shop.

When he was told it didn't 'take a genius' to figure it out, he shot back: "What does it take? An Alice in Wonderland?"

Just for clarity, the doors obviously lead to a set of stairs that take you up to the first floor.

It's there that the flat is contained.

Every day's a school day, as they say.

Featured Image Credit: Purple Bricks

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