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Locals have been ‘forced’ to paint all of their front doors green

Locals have been ‘forced’ to paint all of their front doors green

It's one of a long list of rules they must follow

Residents of Wentworth have been 'forced' to paint their front doors a special shade of green.

The tiny village in South Yorkshire, which is home to 1,400 people, has had to follow a particular set of rules and regulations over the past 300 years.

And, whenever a newcomer arrives, they have to agree to follow the rules and to ask for permission before making any changes to their property.

These rules are set out by the Fitzwilliam Wentworth Amenity Trust, a subsidiary of the Fitzwilliam Wentworth Estate, who own the village.

They have been designed to 'preserve and improve the rural and visual character and amenities of the parish.'

The idyllic village in question.
Google Maps

From its Georgian architecture to the colours of the window frames and drainpipes, everything in the village must remain the same, reports Yorkshire Live.

And it's safe to say you won't spot a kebab shop or Aldi as you travel through it. A village shop, two pubs and a restaurant are all you're going to find.

On top of this, with the trust owning a staggering 95 per cent of properties in Wentworth, they have complete control over residential properties too.

Every home must present a picture-perfect image with neat lawns, trimmed trees and doors painted a specific shade of green known as 'Wentworth Green.'

Speaking of the green doors, Alexander Davies-Terry, the village’s Head of Estate, insists that he's never come across anybody who has had a problem with it.

He said: “With the green doors, you drive through Wentworth and all the doors are green and that’s part of the heritage and signifies it as an estate property.

Residents of the village don't seem to mind all having the same front door.
Samuel Port / Yorkshire Live

"You can find villages that have all blue doors – an estate I used to work on had all marine doors. It’s an aesthetic choice, some people might not like the green, but I think a lot of people like the status of living in an estate house or living within Wentworth.”

Despite seeming old-fashioned and rather oppressive, most of Wentworth's residents are quite fond of its quirky rules.

Craig Horner, who has owned Wentworth Village Shop for almost 18 years with his wife, Zoe, said: “It’s a quaint quiet little village owned by a trust that likes to, as far is it can, keep things as it always has done. Certain things like the door colours, the lamps."

And, 19-year-old Georgia Flintoff added: “I think it’s lovely, everyone knows it’s Wentworth as soon as you come here. You don’t have a choice about it [the green paint]. It makes everyone feel part of a community as we’re all in it together.”

Featured Image Credit: Yorkshire Live/ Samuel Port

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