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People can't stop liking Aldi's newly released Christmas advert due to special surprise

People can't stop liking Aldi's newly released Christmas advert due to special surprise

The discount retailer have dropped their festive advert - and it's accompanied by an early Christmas gift.

Aldi's Christmas advert has been doing some serious numbers on social media since it dropped.

The discount retailer debuted it's festive promo on Monday (6 November) - and shoppers have given it rave reviews.

Have a look here:

Kevin the Carrot has finally returned back on our tellies.

Aldi's animated vegetable has become one of the UK's most beloved merry mascots over the last few years.

And we've watched him go through a lot, so it's no wonder some of us have become emotionally attached.

He has a starring role in this year's Willy Wonka themed ad, where he is accompanied by his Grate Grandad.

A gang of fruit and veg - including the ‘Greedy, Gluttonous Grape’, 'Sulky, Sour Rhubarb' and ‘Naughty Green Kiwi' - head to William Conker’s Magical Christmas Factory.

And, as you can guess by their names, Kevin the Carrot isn't in great company.

Towards the end, he is the only one who 'clearly understood the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of being good'.

That's our boy!

Like Charlie Bucket in the iconic film, the humble carrot is the only visitor with good manners.

Kevin the Carrot will be back on our tellies for Christmas.

He is awarded the 'cheese to the factory' and he still wants to share his good fortune with the rest of the bunch.

Kevin the Carrot's mischievous pals then join him in the factory, while the narrator reminds us: "Seasonal goodwill was truly in the air as Christmas is a time that’s sweeter when you share".

How adorable.

Aldi recently shared the clip of their Christmas advert on Twitter - now known as X - and fans can't stop liking it.

Literally - because their online appreciation comes with a special surprise.

Those who click the like button are greeted by a miniature Kevin the Carrot icon before it turns to a heart.

And shoppers were obsessed with the adorable addition to their social media interaction.

Fans were greeted by the beloved character when they clicked the like button.

One wrote: "Even the like button is a carrot!"

Another simply described it as: "A delightful surprise."

A third added: "Wait, did my 'like' turn into a carrot before it turned into a heart?!"

And a fourth said: "Great ad! And the 'like' button is Kevin!"

Others went onto heap praise on the supermarket giant for delivering a dose of wholesome Christmas cheer.

Some were just simply relieved to see that Kevin the Carrot made a return after he wasn't included in Aldi's teaser trailer for the ad.

Jemma Townsend, Marketing Director at Aldi UK, said of the release: "Christmas is made magical by coming together and sharing the joy of celebration even in tough times- just like Kevin wants to with his Christmas wish.

"It wouldn’t be the festive season without Kevin the Carrot on our TV screens; we know our shoppers will love seeing him getting into the Christmas spirit as we welcome him back for his eighth year with us."

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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