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Restaurant that called out influencer who asked to pay with exposure takes brutal new dig following praise

Restaurant that called out influencer who asked to pay with exposure takes brutal new dig following praise

The Manchester hotspot has certainly received the 'exposure' without serving the food

Once the debate of who’s paying how much of the bill at dinner comes to an end, there’s really only one choice left to make; paying with cash or card.

That’s how you pay for food right, with money?

But this restaurant ended up calling out an influencer who asked to pay with ‘exposure’. You know, that famous ‘currency’?

Sure, online promotion can often work wonders for many businesses, drawing in huge attention for their spot and boosting popularity. But it doesn’t exactly directly pay their bills.

And Manchester hotspot Lucky Ramen and Sushi were having none of it.

The restaurant is based in Ancoats.

The Ancoats restaurant explained an unnamed ‘blue tick superstar’ had DM'd it asking to ‘collab’ – translating to wanting a complimentary brunch for a ‘post on their story and page’.

After stunned staff pointed out to their followers that they ‘appreciate paying customers even more’, the content creator messaged back to say they were ‘bang out of order’.

Part of their message to Lucky Ramen read: “HOW DARE YOU try and expose us like that??? So you think people like us don't deserve to eat for FREE??? Just in case you didn't realise, we are doing our best to help and promote you for FREEE!!!"


The Manchester restaurant ended up posting a mock apology for ‘trying to make a living and s**t’ as it said: “Bon appétit + Arigato-the-f**k-outta-here. Team LÜCKY (unfluencer + no blue tick).”

And after all the drama with the ‘angry influencer’ over the weekend, Lucky Ramen and Sushi took a brutal new dig following praise from its followers.

The Instagram account shared a photo of their food with a tongue-in-cheek promotional caption.

“Our famous trouble causing BRUNCH - that upset an influencer but loved by us regular people!” It reads. “Come eat and see if it was even worth all the hype.”

One follower pointed out: “Who needs an influencer to post when you can go viral putting them in their place.”

And another added: “Looks delicious, worth the money, also great Marketing.”

With others writing: “Their poor marketing influence has done you wonders!”

Well, it seems the influencer did give them some ‘exposure’ after all.

As users praised the restaurant: “This post will give you more exposure than them posting.”

Another even put: “I love this clapback. I can’t wait to come to a restaurant that doesn’t pander to these types of influencers.”

And one wrote: “I liked Lucky Ramen for the sushi but now I like them for the DRAMA.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@lucky_ramenandsushi

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