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Man stunned at eye-watering value of contents inside abandoned storage unit he bought for £325

Man stunned at eye-watering value of contents inside abandoned storage unit he bought for £325

Wade Venture hit the jackpot with the designer items in this abandoned storage unit

The phrase 'one man's trash is another man's treasure' can mean a lot things but it's usually not applied to actually rooting through other people's abandoned rubbish.

However for one man, rummaging through storage units is exactly how he uncovers hidden gems - with one 'rare' haul catching him off guard.

Storage bin sleuth Wade Venture, 37, who goes by @WadesVentures on social media, uncovered a staggering amount of designer items in a storage unit he bought for £325 ($410).

Check out the jaw-dropping content below:

Oregon-based storage hunter Wade purchased the storage unit at auction on 27 March, completely unaware of the treasures locked away after only seeing a few pictures from outside.

Once he unlocked the unit's doors he was left speechless to discover boxes of designer shoes piled high, declaring: "I think she had a shoe problem!"

Stuffed inside were hundreds of pairs of designer items worth £56,000 ($70,000), including shoes from luxury labels like Gucci and Coach.

"How many shoes does one lady need," he added.

Wade Venture. Wade Venture / SWNS
Wade Venture. Wade Venture / SWNS

Wade also uncovered around £6,380 worth of items such as fur coats, posh handbags and more - many brand new with labels still attached and receipts stashed in boxes.

After sorting through the contents Wade will then either donate the contents to charity or re-sell items, with just one of the fur coats fetching a handsome £1,188 ($1500).

However before you all start rushing out to your nearest auction in hopes of snagging yourself a similar haul, seasoned hunter Wade revealing that it's 'rare' to uncover so many items of such high value.

"It's rare to find a unit like that in particular, often you find household stuff or trash," he said of the discovery, speculating that the previous owner most likely had a hidden shopping addiction.

Wade Venture / SWNS
Wade Venture / SWNS

"It's more than likely she had a shopping problem - people speculated maybe she was keeping it from her husband!"

Wade went on to stress how rare a haul as expensive as this is, adding: "People think I've been doing this so long I've seen everything, but I've never found a unit like this before."

He continued: "Normally I find things 30% new and 70% used but this was all brand new. It was such an awesome experience, I was so shocked. Units like this are really rare and special.

"There were expensive Gucci shoes and purchases - it could be she didn't have the money. Or she could have passed away."

Featured Image Credit: Wade Venture / SWNS

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