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McDonald's is selling its most popular items for 99p for limited time only

McDonald's is selling its most popular items for 99p for limited time only

You'll have to be quick

Sure, Halloween hasn't even been and gone yet, but why should that stop us getting into the festive spirit?

If you're not convinced, have a read of this, because even Scrooge couldn't say 'Bah, humbug' to the fire sale that's about to kick off at Maccies.

Yep, for a very limited time only, the fast food giant is offering customers some of its most popular meals for less than a quid. No, really.

From this week, those who make a cheeky pitstop at the golden arches could enjoy a Big Mac, some McNuggets, a filet-o-fish, a quarter pounder with cheese, McChicken sandwich, a veggie deluxe, or even a McPlant burger for just 99p.

All this for less than a quid?!?!

This is not a drill, this is part of McDonald's festive wins calendar, which is giving punters some cut price deals throughout the whole of November.

As well as the cheap eats, there will also be chances to win prizes and get money off your grub.

Speaking about the promotion, Michelle Graham-Clare, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s UK said: "From a 99p Big Mac to 20 percent off meals, we wanted to get into the Christmas spirit early with Festive Wins, a generous and joyful month-long celebration of offers and prizes.

"Over the next 30 days, customers can get that festive feeling by heading to our app where they can get some incredible food offers and win some very merry merchandise."

But if you want to make the most of the promotion, you'll have to be quick, because it won't be there forever.

In order to qualify, you'll also have to validate the deal on the McDonald’s app, using the Festive Wins feature.

This pic shows which deals will be live on which days:

Take note.

Now, one thing that Maccies is know for is its breakfast options; countless hangovers have been saved by a sausage and egg McMuffin over the years.

The fluffy discs of happiness have found a special place in all our hearts.

And last year, there were even rumours that it would be served all day long, not just before 11am.

However, McDonald's subsequently shut this claim down, taking to Twitter to brand it 'fake news'.

But why is there such a strict curfew?

It reads: “The reason we don't serve breakfast all day is because the Universal Holding Cabinet (UHC) is almost at full capacity throughout the day.

“This means there's nowhere to store breakfast products as well as main menu items."

I mean, I guess that makes sense, but who cares about logic in the world of delicious breakfast goods?

Featured Image Credit: McDonald's

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