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McDonald’s explains why they can’t serve breakfast all day

McDonald’s explains why they can’t serve breakfast all day

Let's not beat around the bush, it would be game-changing if you could have maccies breakfast any time of the day

It’s a Saturday morning, you and your mates are hanging from the night before. Or perhaps you’ve been on a fresh walk around the park. Either way, you’re treating yourselves to a banging brekky.

You’re squashed into your pal’s car with empty water bottles scattered on the floor.

You roll down the window to ask for four McMuffins with a load of hashbrowns, a few coffees, an orange juice and a Diet Coke for that one lad who drinks fizzy stuff before midday.

But then dreams are broken. Your cravings are crushed. The driver’s crying.

McDonald’s has stopped serving breakfast. At 11:01am you’re too late, you’ve missed it.

But why do the golden arches stop serving brekky at this time? Why don’t they just serve it all day?

I mean, they did make lives a little better when they changed the cut off to 11am. In darker days they used to stop taking breakfast orders at 10:30am.

There was even a rumour last year that McDonald’s were going to serve that beautiful breakfast menu all day.

And people were buzzing. Like properly excited.

Imagine pulling up for breakfast for tea from maccies.
Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

However, the fast-food chain quickly shut down a tweet from a fast fashion brand, slamming it as ‘fake news’.

On the McDonald’s site, an explanation has previously been given as to just why breakfast isn’t served all day.

It reads: “The reason we don't serve breakfast all day is because the Universal Holding Cabinet (UHC) is almost at full capacity throughout the day.

“This means there's nowhere to store breakfast products as well as main menu items."

Hmm, makes sense I guess. Suppose I would rather have a McCrispy for dinner than a bacon roll.

Although a hash brown would be nice.

But the explanation then added: "Of course, it's up to the franchisee manager if they want to offer a breakfast option throughout the day."

Cross your fingers, everyone!

Would you want Maccies to serve breakfast all day?

And that menu probably does take up a lot of space, especially since six new items were added earlier this week.

Joining the maccies line-up with this new autumnal menu is the McCrispy BBQ Smokehouse, the Philly Cheese Stack, two new flavours of McFlurry, a Toffee Apple Pie and a Toffee Apple Donut.

Although some foodies seem confused by the flavour of the limited-edition apple pie offering, another menu shake-up has been very well-received.

McDonald’s have answered the calls of fans and are now offering nine-piece chicken McNugget meals.

Normally you could only get a portion of six as a meal option but they’ve finally upgraded to be able to get the nine too.

Suppose I can forget the hashbrown for dinner if I can get more nuggs.

Featured Image Credit: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images / McDonald's

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