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One student accidentally gets entire school banned from McDonald’s

One student accidentally gets entire school banned from McDonald’s

1,086 pupils have been banned from one McDonald's restaurant.

One student has managed to get his entire school banned from McDonald’s.

All 1,086 pupils from Burgess Hill Academy in West Sussex are no longer able to grab a Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal or a McFlurry, because of the behaviour of one pupil.

The Maccies branch in question is on Civic Way in Burgess Hill town centre, where students in uniform are now banned from entering.

The University of Brighton Academies Trust, which runs The Burgess Hill Academy, said the ban, implemented by McDonald's, was the 'result of a single individual’s actions'.

Burgess Hill Academy Principal Simon Davies was even spotted at the McDonald's brand telling students they weren't allowed to enter, the Argus reports.

Sussex Police told LADbible: "We are aware of - and continue to work with partners and the community to respond to - reports of anti-social behaviour involving youths across Burgess Hill.

"We encourage anyone with any information on anti-social behaviour to report it online.

"For details, please visit the dedicated page on our website: Antisocial behaviour | Sussex Police."

One student has managed to get his entire school banned from McDonald’s.
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Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the University of Brighton Academies Trust, also told LADbible: "The decision to implement this ban was jointly made by McDonald's, Sussex Police, and The Burgess Hill Academy.

"We fully support this measure and understand that the timeframe for lifting the ban will be determined by McDonald's.

"It is essential to emphasise that the actions leading to this decision were the result of a single individual's actions and do not reflect the values and standards upheld by our academy and students.

"The Burgess Hill Academy does not condone this behaviour, irrespective of whether it occurred before, during, or after school hours."

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Apologising to McDonald's for the incident, they added: "We extend our sincere apologies to McDonald's for any inconvenience caused.

"We are actively working with Sussex Police to address this issue and are committed to proactively promoting respectful and responsible behaviour within our school community through upcoming assemblies.

"Our staff members were present to support following the incident, and we are dedicated to maintaining an open dialogue with all parties involved during this temporary ban.

"The University of Brighton Academies Trust and The Burgess Hill Academy are fully dedicated to addressing this issue with the utmost seriousness, striving to create and maintain a respectful environment for all our students and the wider local community."

As for what the student actually did? That's not been disclosed, as the Trust says it is currently working with McDonald's, the Academy and Sussex Police.

LADbible has contacted McDonald's for a comment.

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