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Woman speaks out after boyfriend proposes to her in the middle of Popworld

Woman speaks out after boyfriend proposes to her in the middle of Popworld

Jess Williams and her now-fiancé Dan Ormrod have come under fire for getting engaged at the cheesy club chain.

Picking the perfect place to get down on one knee to your partner is no mean feat - but most people certainly wouldn't have Popworld as a frontrunner.

But this couple is more than partial to a few cheesy tunes and cheap drinks, so the nightclub chain was their ideal venue for the boozed-up proposal.

Take a look at the big moment here:

Although a lot of people aren't fans of Popworld, which must be quite a few of you, because it was once voted the worst nightlife offering in the UK - Jess Williams and her now-fiancé Dan Ormrod see it as their 'special' place.

The pair, who met while working at McDonald's, got engaged after just two years of dating.

Much of their relationship has been spent busting a move and downing drinks at Popworld's Liverpool branch, so it was only right that Dan took their romance to the next level there in the early hours.

The 22-year-old was partying on the dance floor with Jess to 'their song', which is Taylor Swift's pop classic, 'Love Story'.

While surrounded by pals and fellow clubbers, the bloke plucked up the courage to ask for his girlfriend's hand in marriage as the song blasted out.

Leaning on Taylor's lyrics, Dan dropped to one knee as the speakers rang out the words: "He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said, 'Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone'.

Dan got down on his knee while the song Love Story played in Popworld.

Although his timing was a smidge off, Jess was absolutely bowled over by the proposal and was more than willing to sign up to be his Juliet.

An unknown bride-to-be whose hen party had also descended on Popworld Liverpool even put a veil on the 21-year-old's head as she stood there absolutely stunned with her hands covering her mouth, before eventually nodding to say yes.

The crowd cheered, the couple embraced, and one of their pals got a belting video of the whole thing.

The obviously excited bride-to-be shared the video on social media, saying it was 'the best night of her life', and the clip quickly racked up over 300,000 views.

But not everyone in the comment section was congratulating the couple - a horde of people were actually poking fun at their 1 am Popworld proposal.

They had some choice words to describe Dan's destination option - with one person calling it 'embarrassing'.

We get it, the club chain is second-rate compared to competitors on the nightlife scene - but some people like it.

Jess has now hit back at internet trolls who are trampling all over the 'perfect moment' with her fella, explaining that Popworld was the place they went on their first night out.

The couple said it was their 'special' place and slammed people for mocking them.

She even confessed that she had previously told him she'd love it if he proposed there - she just wasn't expecting it after being on a pub crawl with Dan and his mates since 5pm.

It turns out that Dan had been secretly flashing the bling to their friends all night long, so the whole gang was in on it - even if it meant hijacking one pal's birthday outing.

Jess explained: "I had no idea it was going to happen. Everyone had their phone so I just thought it would be a cute video. I was drunk as well so I wasn't thinking.

"It was my dream moment and it's not like he's done it out of nowhere. I put it up because it's a special moment in my life and I wanted to share it. I just wanted Popworld to notice it but I didn't want the whole world to notice it.

"People were questioning why it was in Popworld and saying the floor's sticky, but isn't that every nightclub when you go out?

"I think people commented because they don't understand the meaning and they think Dan did it for the fun of it.

"People can have their own opinion of Popworld but I love the music in there and it's the perfect place for me. The only people it matters to is us."

The self-confessed 'lightweight' and her future hubby have earned free entry to the club anyway, so whatever you think of their proposal, it was worth it for them.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy

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