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UK to see no hot summer weather for a month, Met Office warns

UK to see no hot summer weather for a month, Met Office warns

Would you expect anything less?

It's bad news for sunseekers as it looks like the UK won’t be having warmer weather any time soon.

In fact, the Met Office has stated that the summer sun won’t be making an appearance for us Brits for at least a few more weeks.

Meanwhile, mainland Europe has been caught in the grips of a deadly heatwaves with some cities surpassing temperatures of 40C.

British summer time at its finest.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Spain has even seen wildfires breakout as Europe struggles under the intense heat dome, with 4,000 people being evacuated in La Palma.

Alarmingly, the heat shows no signs of letting up as a new anticyclone approaches the Mediterranean.

Called ‘Charon’ after the mythological ferryman of the underworld, the weather front has seen 16 cities across the region issue heat alerts as temperatures surge.

While the rest of Europe is praying for rain, the UK is set for heavy downpours with temperatures barely above 20C.

Thankfully, the wind will reduce over the coming weeks - much to the relief of many on their summer staycations.

Met Office Meteorologist Simon Partridge told Sky News: “The general gist is it will become a little more settled through the week but we are not going to see weather as wet and windy as over the weekend, but at the same time there will not be any particularly dry or settled or warm weather either, so things are carrying on for July as they have for the past couple of weeks.”

Essentially, don’t expect summer to begin until mid-to-late August.

The Met Office says the summer sun won't be appearing until at least mid-August.
Richard Baker / In Pictures

While the weather isn't set to pick up for another month, Brits should be prepared for more rain this week.

Partridge said the weather will be at its worst on Tuesday (18 July), thanks to persistent low pressure across the country.

"The day with the most significant weather is Tuesday, we have an area of low pressure that moves across the UK which will bring some quite heavy rain at times, particularly across central and northern parts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with north and south of that a reasonably dry day,” he explained.

Calling it ‘disappointing’ for the time of year, he also added that the Met Office models predict the European heatwave will continue to push rubbish weather our way.

"The weather pattern is blocked and not changing which is part of the reason why things got so warm in southern Europe, because that high pressure is just sitting there, keeping that warmth growing,” he said. "Unfortunately it is keeping us in this more changeable airstream, so nothing too wonderful for the next couple of weeks."

So maybe you should hold off getting BBQ bits at the ready - at least for a few more weeks.

Featured Image Credit: Richard Baker / In Pictures/Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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