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Man takes £5 million car collection to We Buy Any Car to see how much they'd offer

Man takes £5 million car collection to We Buy Any Car to see how much they'd offer

YouTuber Mark McCann took his 'most expensive and favourite cars' to the car-buying service.

A YouTuber has revealed what happened when he had his '£5 million' car collection evaluated by an independent source versus WeBuyAnyCar.

Because, when you have that many expensive cars and that much time on your hands, why not?

Mark McCann certainly doesn't need to be asking for any more cars for Christmas when he holds 'some of the best examples in the country'.

While the rest of us are stretched to reach into our pockets and contribute to our £5 secret Santa, McCann has been out and about getting his multi-million pound car collection evaluated by an independent company, alongside UK car-buying service WeBuyAnyCar.

Why? To figure out how much the service would offer him for the high-end cars and whether it gives a fair price.

So, what did he discover? Well, the process certainly wasn't quite as simple as McCann first hoped.

Mark McCann decided to get his 'most expensive and favourite' cars evaluated.
YouTube/ Mark McCann

McCann first takes his cars for an evaluation from independent expert Tom Hartley.

"Price of retail value. Now this is going to be a price which is absolutely accurate advice," McCann notes, explaining the expert specialises in 'high end cars'.

Despite the reduction in cost given mileage, the cars' age and condition, McCann's six cars are evaluated by the company at a still impressive £1,380,000.

McCann then goes on to try and have his cars evaluated by WeBuyAnyCar.

Mark went undercover for the job.
YouTube/ Mark McCann

The YouTuber runs into problems almost straight away, finding out he's going to need to take the cars in separately at different stores because 'superior' members of staff got 'spooked' by the high-end collection.

Naturally, McCann then goes undercover, wearing different outfits and wigs to get his cars evaluated, a cameraman hiding nearby.

"WeBuyAnyCar aren't known for giving the best prices, which we found out," he says.

The two evaluations are more than just slightly different.
YouTube/ Mark McCann

One of McCann's cars gets graded at 'grade three' due to a few 'scratches' evaluated at £35,647 opposed to Tom Hartley's £150,000 evaluation.

And it's fair to say, the others follow a similar pattern, another vehicle evaluated by WeBuyAnyCar at £17,000 compared to Hartley's £140,000. A bit of a difference to say the least.

Overall, Hartley evaluated the six-car collection at £1,380,000 compared to WeBuyAnyCar's evaluation of £823,910.

McCann resolves: "They literally will buy any car, even if it's tatty or even a scrap car. The concept can be brilliant but it just doesn't seem ideal with rare super cars.

"The system can be fantastic if you're a seller [...] but it just doesn't get this specialist car thing."

Well, it's just as well most of us don't have specialist cars then, isn't it?

LADbible has contacted WeBuyAnyCar for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ Mark McCann

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