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A couple of lads decided to test the limits of We Buy Any Car’s promise to… erm… buy any car - turning up with a motor splattered with fake blood.

Internet pranksters Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, both 29, set up the Kia Picanto to look like it belonged to a couple of dangerous criminals by splashing it in fake blood and lashing some rope, cable ties and hair in the boot. You can see how it played out here:

The duo turned up at We Buy Any Car's Putney branch, South London, and told the worker they 'need to get rid of it quickly'.

The member of staff offers the pair £196, before Archie takes a hammer from the driver's seat, passes it to Josh and asks him to 'give it a wipe' despite the worker standing next to them.

But the staff member remained true to the brand name and seemed happy to complete the sale.

Seemingly aware that it seems a bit dodgy, the employee asks: 'Have I got anything to worry about?” but after being reassured by Archie, he adds: “Cool, the money will come in three hours.”

Kennedy News and Media

In another stunt from the same pair, they cut holes in the seats of a Vauxhall and stuffed sex toys in them and they also glued some to the roof.

On this occasion, We Buy Any Car staff were quick to assess the 'modifications' and rejected the chance to buy it despite Josh and Archie believing it to be worth around £700.

Josh said: "We thought they had a fascinating name because they're one of the only companies who state exactly what they do in it and we wanted to see if it's true or not.

"It turns out We Buy Any Car don't buy any car, but not the cars you'd expect them not to buy. The ones they do buy, they should be checking a little bit more before turning a profit.

Kennedy News and Media

"We were trying to make it out like we were the most clumsy and lazy criminals in the world because we'd left every piece of evidence sticking out in the back of the car.

"When I put the hammer back in and the boot was open [the worker] saw what was inside.

"He just did his job. He was supposed to buy any car and it wasn't his business why it was there or what it was there for.

"We expected that they wouldn't accept it and I wasn't sure if we'd done a good enough job of faking it. I thought we'd get laughed at. Clearly the work we did was quite good."

We Buy Any Car declined to comment after being shown the clips by reporters.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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