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Boss of Willy Wonka experience explains what went wrong after police called to 'shambles' event

Boss of Willy Wonka experience explains what went wrong after police called to 'shambles' event

The entire thing was a disaster

The boss of a disastrous Willy Wonka experience in Glasgow that was so bad some parents called the police has apologised.

Parents had taken their kids to a 'chocolate fantasy like never before' and promised that for the price of £35 they could bring their children to Willy's Chocolate Experience, a place where 'dreams become reality'.

The end result was far more of a nightmare than a dream, with visitors saying the attraction was basically just an 'abandoned, empty warehouse' which turned out to be a 'waste of money'.

When families showed up, they discovered the attraction to be little more than a few Willy Wonka themed props strewn about with a bouncy castle in the place.

It was a place that'd take pure imagination to enjoy, and things got so bad that the police were called.

The creator of Willy's Chocolate Experience has now apologised and blamed the failure on 'technical issues'.

It's not quite a world of pure imagination.
Stuart Sinclair

Billy Coull is the director of events company House of Illuminati, and said that he was 'truly and utterly sorry' for the apparent omnishambles.

Speaking to STV, Coull said they were missing some parts of the experience as they didn't arrive in time.

He said: "I’m really shocked that the event had fallen short of the expectations of people on paper.

"My vision of the artistic rendition of a well known book didn’t come to fruition. For that I am absolutely truly and utterly sorry.

"There was every intention to hold the event, from the pictures, despite not being in the best light hopefully you’ll be able to see that there was every intention to hold the event.

The company has promised to refund everyone.
Stuart Sinclair

"Unfortunately there was unforeseen circumstances and the event didn’t come to light. These issues were technological in nature.

"We had ordered a holographic paper that didn’t arrive on time. The holographic technology in itself is absolutely fabulous technology and unfortunately there was a delay in postage."

The fury of customers who'd paid to take their kids for what they'd hoped would be a great experience led to Willy's Chocolate Experience being cancelled, with both House of Illuminati and Coull confirming that everyone would be refunded and all the actors who performed at the event would be paid.

An actor who had been hired for the event claimed that they'd received the script for the event two days in advance of the event - with only one night to learn their lines.

She also claimed that on the day, they were told to 'abandon it and improvise'.

Featured Image Credit: Stuart Sinclair/STV

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