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Scotland Fans Tidy Up After Huge Mess Left Behind In London

Scotland Fans Tidy Up After Huge Mess Left Behind In London

Photos have emerge showing fans cleaning up ahead of the match between England and Scotland

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Scotland fans were photographed helping to tidy the streets of London ahead of last night's game.

They can be seen picking up rubbish in Leicester Square, after the area was filled with supporters who made the journey down south as their side took on England in the Euros.


In the pics, supporters can be seen with Scotland flags draped over their shoulders, wearing kilts while filling bin bags with rubbish.

Throughout the day, flares were set off while fans belted out 'Yes sir, I can boogie', with as many as 22,000 fans heading to London. Only 2,600 of them had tickets for Wembley, while the others were there for moral support and to soak up the atmosphere.


There was no official fan zone in the capital for the game, with a spokesman for Mayor of London Sadiq Khan saying: "It is not possible to hold a fan zone for Scottish fans in London due to the Covid restriction.

"Fans should only travel to the capital if they have a ticket or a safe place to watch the match."


But fans apparently didn't let that get in the way of their fun.

Passengers on a London tube were given the unexpected 'treat' of a Scotland football fan performing the worm, wearing a traditional Scottish kilt and... well, very little else.

Watch the video below to see the moment that this man does the worm and, indeed, shows the worm:

As thousands of Scots hit London ahead of last night's crucial Euro 2020 match between England and Scotland, some Londoners saw rather more of the Auld Enemy than they might have been anticipating.

This particular clip shows one passenger quite noticeably flinching as they see the chanting Scottish fan doing the worm in the middle of the carriage.

He certainly leaves little to the imagination as his kilt rises up to reveal everything underneath, while his friends cheer in encouragement.

He's far from the only one either, with plenty of Scots descending on the capital also opting to wear the kilt in the traditional way - that is, with no underwear.

In Hyde Park, The Daily Mail reports that one man removed his kilt entirely to be completely nude. He was escorted away by police officers.

As many as 20,000 ticketless Scottish fans are in London ahead of tonight's match, with some seen chanting 'we hate f***ing England' as they jumped into the William Shakespeare fountain in Leicester Square.

There've been more serious incidents too, however, not least the fan who walked into the path of a passing motorcyclist sending both him and the poor driver flying.

The fan apparently escaped serious injury, and a pal posted a picture of him some time later, sprawled across a bed while still wearing his Scotland shirt.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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