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Ukrainian Brewery Switches From Making Beer To Constructing Molotov Cocktails

Ukrainian Brewery Switches From Making Beer To Constructing Molotov Cocktails

Pravda Brewery is using their beer labeled 'Putin is a d**khead' to make the explosive devices.

A Ukrainian brewery has appealed on social media for donations so they can continue to make molotov cocktails.

The Pravda Brewery, which is based in the country's west, posted on its Instagram page that it would be using their raw materials to help Ukrainians fight back against the Russians.

"Our freedom is at stake," the brewery wrote, "Many of you have written comments about improving the design of cocktails. Thanks! Remember - we are not a big but professional brewery and we do a lot of research!

"Not just a theory - many of us went through the bloody street protests of 2014, which overthrew the ex-president, who is now hiding in Russia. Practice helps!"

The brewery was forced to halt production of their alcohol due to the Russian invasion, however they decided to keep their doors open for a different kind of operation, according to EuroNews.

Pravda Brewery's post on Instagram revealed they are using one special kind of beer bottle to make the classic explosive device.

They've carefully selected their dry-hopped golden ale called Putin Huilo for their new efforts and the label means 'Putin is a d***head'.

According to one website, Pravada Brewery made the beer 'about the guilty person of this cruel war, having occupied the East of Ukraine and invaded Crimea; about his aggressive ambitions and Russian imperialism greed that threatens Europe and the whole world order, established after World War II'.

When the bottles aren't being used for molotov cocktails, the beer is described as 'a strong blonde dry hopped ale'.

Apparently the company sent a case of the beer to Moscow Kremlin. That would have been an awkward trip for the courier.

The Daily Star says Putin Huilo was once given bronze in Czech Republic’s World Beer Idol in 2018.

The brewery has opened sites around the country to provide shelter for people who might need it amid the Russian invasion.

They added on social media: "We do not serve citizens of Russia and Belarus. If you have a weapon with you, please leave it in our security and they will return it to you on the way out."

Pravda Brewery's switch to making molotov cocktails comes after National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine shared instructions on how regular citizens can make them at home.

They wrote on Twitter: "While our partners load planes, cars and cars with weapons for Ukraine, we are preparing our branded 'brotherly' gift for the Russian bastard.

"We are arming ourselves, preparing, destroying the occupiers!"

If you would like to donate to the Red Cross Emergency Appeal, which will help provide food, medicines and basic medical supplies, shelter and water to those in Ukraine, click here for more information.

Featured Image Credit: Pravda Brewery/Instagram. SOPA Images Limited/Alamy Live News

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