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Brock Purdy's staggering 'low' salary compared to his teammates

Brock Purdy's staggering 'low' salary compared to his teammates

His teammates earn millions more than him

Money in sport isn't the same as real life for the vast majority of us, with it standard practice to see 18-year-olds signing for Premier League football clubs on £100,000-plus a week.

It's now at a point where it doesn't even surprise you as a fan reading the latest new contract that's been agreed between a sports star and the club they represent.

And it's a situation that applies perfectly to the NFL in the United States, with its superstar players earning tens of millions of dollars a year.

Even the lads on lower end contracts can be looking at at least seven figures a year, firmly putting them in the 1% of earners worldwide.

At the start of the current NFL season, which culminates in Super Bow LVIII on Sunday, 11 February, one of the highest paid stars was Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson at an eye-watering $230 million (£182.1 million) over a four year deal, which equals at $57.5 million (£45.5 million) a year.

Insane money, with Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow just a little less than him on a cool $219 million contract over five years.

Then there's the current San Fransisco 49ers QB, rising star Brock Purdy.

Brock Purdy is one of the lowest paid NFL stars.
Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Purdy was drafted in 2022 as 'Mr Irrelevant'; the last person to land a spot out of hundreds chosen by the NFL's franchises.

It's a title that means nothing, with him now starring in his first Super Bowl in just his second year in the NFL, opposite the Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes at Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium.

His achievements for the year saw him rank as one of the best QBs in the competition. His name was also mentioned in regards to the MVP award.

But when it comes to being financially rewarded for his ability, like the aforementioned Watson and Burrow have, he is way off the pace of the very top earners.

In reality, he's right down at the bottom of what the NFL pays its players.

Purdy is still on his rookie contract that he signed as Mr Irrelevant. It sees him ranked as the 66th highest-paid QB in the entire NFL.

Per year he earns $935,000, with $3.74 million coming his way once the four year deal is up.

Deshaun Watson (pictured) kind of money will be coming Purdy's way if he keeps it up.
Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images

In the land of the NFL, it means it takes him four years to earn what Watson earns in less than one month. That must hurt if you're Purdy.

Looking at his own team, 49ers defensive linesman Nick Bosa is currently on a five year, $170 million deal. This is followed by tackle Trent Williams earning $138 million over six years and linebacker Fred Warner's $95 million over six years.

In fact, Purdy is paid less than 33 of his teammates, with only seven players earning less than the star man.

Things will most certainly change for Purdy if he can keep up his performances as he nears that new contract and it would not be a shock to see him go from the very bottom right to the top.

Featured Image Credit: Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images Perry Knotts/Getty Images

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