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Woman who filmed herself being sacked lands new role

Woman who filmed herself being sacked lands new role

She had a hunch she was going to be laid off so covertly filmed the Zoom meeting that confirmed her worst fears

A woman who went viral after filming herself being sacked by her employer has landed a new gig.

Losing your job is an awful experience. The video, from Brittany Pietsch, saw millions of people watch and react as she bravely tried to get a proper explanation to the decision taken by her bosses at web company Cloudflare.

The nine minute video was uploaded to TikTok as well as posted across Facebook, LinkedIn and X.

Brittany Pietsch during the viral video.

Brittany tried to get those hosting the meeting to explain the decision, citing what she said was her own good performance.

With the video going viral, the CEO of Cloudflare publicly responded saying Brittany's video was 'painful to watch'.

Now in an update on LinkedIn, Brittany has revealed her next venture.

Brittany in a more recent video.

Posting to the social media platform, she says she is joining the team which is launching a new AI tool for the recruitment industry.

She wrote: "I am so excited to announce I am joining the team to help promote their launch of their new AI tool, EQbuddy!

"Before I entered the SaaS [software as a service] space, I worked at a staffing firm as a recruiter and account manager for several Fortune 500 companies.

"As anyone in recruiting knows (whether you're a recruiter, hiring manager, HR, etc.), we rarely get to spend enough time to focus on the more human aspects of recruiting.

"When you spend over half your time on just searching for candidates, analysing resumes, sifting through several different sites looking for who may or may not be in the job market. It's too much!

"When I tell you I would have KILLED for a tool like this. It would have allowed me to spend more time doing what I actually love to do in my job: connect with people and match gaps in talent with solutions."

Responding, one person wrote: "Love to see this!"

A second said: "I'm so happy to hear about your new gig."

Brittany explaining her job hunt experience.

The role doesn't appear to be full-time, with Brittany taking to TikTok after her LinkedIn update to say she is still 'in the job hunt now looking for my next career move'.

In another post, Brittany said she had had 'tonnes of offers' that came in after the viral video was posted.

She said: "I've mostly have just been going through all my my messages, my connections on LinkedIn, my inquiries, I've made a list of companies that have reached out to me or those that haven't that have always been on my bucket list.

"I'm using this opportunity to take my time, sift through everything, talk to as many recruiters and hiring managers as I can, making sure that wherever I am next is going to be the best fit for me."

LADbible has contacted Brittany for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @brittanypeachhh/TikTok

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