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Bloke has to be rescued after getting stuck inside urn

Bloke has to be rescued after getting stuck inside urn

Hilarious footage has been shared online

A bloke went viral after becoming trapped in a massive vase at a New Year’s Eve party - what a way to bring in 2024, eh?

Hilarious footage shared online showed the man, who has since been identified as Connor Padgett, with half of his body stuck inside a huge brown urn. You can watch the bloke's desperate struggle for freedom below:

Poor Connor, from Birmingham, Alabama in the US, had been at a party in Mountain Brook and it seems as though during the festivities he thought it would be a good idea to climb inside a big pot. As you can see from the video above, it was not.

While Connor grows increasingly stressed out while stuck inside the vase, his pals and onlookers gather round to try and offer him some advice on what they think will be the best way to free himself.

Connor, clad in a cream-coloured sweater, is told to try and remove his jumper to give himself a bit of wiggle room, prompting him to respond: “I'm doing everything I f**king can! God dammit!”

The poor bloke became completely stuck.

Somewhat unhelpfully, one onlooker tells him: “You're not going to be able to get out.”

Thankfully, Connor was eventually set free thanks to a hammer and ‘makeshift screwdriver chisel’. Improvisation at its finest.

To make the whole matter even more embarrassing for Connor, a live thread providing updates was shared to X.

“We have a man stuck in a decorative urn at this Mountain Brook house party,” the first post in a series read.

“I repeat, we have a drunk man stuck in a large decorative urn at this Mountain Brook house party. Details as they develop.”

Fortunately, he managed to get out with a little help from a hammer.

The thread continued: “He was laughing at first but now he’s starting to get upset. The women are trying to comfort him. There is talk of attempting to break the urn.

“The host has dispatched a friend to retrieve his sledge hammer.

“My view is obscured by the gathering crowd but I can hear the tinkering of a hammer and makeshift screwdriver chisel, mixed with the frustrated, panicked grunts of the captive.

“There’s a cracking sound and the crowd cheers. He is free! The urn has been shattered and our hero emerges unscathed. Our long national nightmare is over.”

Following his release, our man Connor - who appeared to lose his shoes in the ordeal - ordered a Maker's Mark on the rocks. Well, I’d say he probably deserves that, to be fair.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@TheWapplehouse

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