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Neighbour sends mum note threatening to have 'officer at door each night' after toddler was too loud

Neighbour sends mum note threatening to have 'officer at door each night' after toddler was too loud

Neighbours sent the mum a threatening note saying they'd call the police because her toddler makes too much noise at bedtime

Loud neighbours can be annoying but one mum has been left seriously stressed out after the couple next door threatened to call the police over her toddler's noise.

The US mum took to Reddit to share the threatening note her neighbours sent about her three-year-old son, who makes noise before bedtime each night at 8.30pm.

Neighbours threatened to call the police over the toddler's noise.

The note read: "We have communicated before about the running multiple times, unfortunately this will be the last attempt.

"If you don't get it under control you will have an officer at your door each night for a noise complaint," it continued.

"You have the opportunity to change this outcome, as to if you do or not, is entirely up to you."

The worried mum told the forum that she believes her young son has autism and struggles to understand basic commands.

She also explained that she'd previously tried everything to keep him quiet but failed to do so.

"He doesn’t even make noise past 9pm because that’s his new bedtime and he’s in his room," she insisted. "Originally he was going to bed at 9:30 but we started putting him in there an hour earlier so he’d be settled in sooner because we felt bad."

She continued: "We’ve done everything to combat the noise. I’m beyond frustrated and we have tried to be accommodating but at this point, they seem to want me to strap my 3 year old down or carry him while we do his bedtime routine."

The woman and her partner looked into the validity of their neighbours' threats and found out noise ordinance hours don't start until 10pm.

"He’s asleep by then so we are doing nothing wrong," the mum added.

She also said that when the police had visited her in the past, the officer simply told her to 'have a good night.'

"Like what do they want them to do," she asked. "Arrest a toddler?"

But the mum claims her soon is in bed by 10pm, when noise ordinance hours start.

Many other Redditors sided with the frustrated mum.

"If the rule is 10pm, perhaps get a print out of that and put it on their door. That way they also know the rules," one person quipped.

And another wrote, "The chances of your neighbours not being chewed out to hell by a very, VERY annoyed cop if they somehow even show up is very low. You should be fine."

However, not everyone was so sympathetic, with one person saying that the noise must be a serious issue if people are complaining on a daily basis.

They wrote: "There is clearly something wrong here because toddlers can be trained for bed time and it is very unusual to have neighbours knock on your door everyday to complain about a noisy child. No matter how you put it there is a parenting issue."

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