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Man with 28 children and two wives explains how his 'mega family' works

Man with 28 children and two wives explains how his 'mega family' works

Mykal's wife suggested they give polyamory a try with her friend

A father has revealed how his life is with two wives and 28 children.

Mykal Coles, 49, is from Virginia, USA, and is part of a happy throuple with 43-year-old Alicia Coles and 35-year-old Jasmine Jones.

Already a father to 10 children with other women, Mykal claims that his life was 'complete' when he sealed the deal with both of his partners.

He revealed that his first encounters with Alicia, his first partner, were not faithful as he was cheating on his partner at the time, but their relationship has withstood the test of time.

Mykal Coles and his two wives Alicia Coles and Jasmine Jones.
FOX 29 Philadelphia

They married in 1999, having eight children together since, and both work as private police officers in their home state of Virginia.

But in 2010, Alicia steered the relationship in a different direction, as she met Jasmine through her line of work and liked her so much that she brought up the idea of adding her to a polyamorous marriage. As you do.

Mykal was totally onboard, and later explained that Alicia is more the laid back type, while Jasmine is upbeat and 'a lot of fun', explaining that they have different love languages.

Alicia told the Mirror about the early stages: “I clicked with Jasmine from the moment we met. She was great with her two kids and we really bonded."

Jasmine and Mykal even had a commitment ceremony in 2021 to celebrate that she was part of the marriage, as the throuple now share one big bed in the same bedroom.

Mykal Coles being interviewed by Fox 29's Quincy Harris.
FOX 29 Philadelphia

Mykal also explained: “They always put me in the middle so that I can cuddle them both at the same time.

"I have to make sure that I make equal time for both of them in the bedroom, otherwise one would complain I’m giving the other more attention.”

Jasmine already had two toddlers when she met Mykal and Alicia, though she has now gone on to have another eight children in the marriage, adding to Alicia's eight.

That's 18 children in the family, and 28 children for Mykal across his marriages and past relationships, with ages ranging from nine months old to 30 years old.

Alicia has also revealed benefits with having another mum around to help her, explaining: “When Jasmine came to live with us and fell pregnant, I was totally fine with her having a baby with Mykal.

"I didn’t feel jealous at all. It felt natural."

Mykal Coles, Alicia Coles and Jasmine Jones.
Fox 29 Philadelphia

Jasmine elaborated: “Alicia and I have been ­pregnant together three times, firstly with Ian and Genesis, then Mikey and Natalie, and then Prince and Elise.

"It was difficult at times, as there were so many hormones flying around our house, but we managed. Alicia and I ended up several times at the doctors together when we were going for check-ups at the same time.”

The family are now asking for help after an accidental fire burned down their house and turned their lives upside down.

Jasmine lit a scented candle, and a spark of it had set a mattress on fire, spreading to the room and later the house, though luckily, she was the only one home as all of the kids were at school.

Mykal said: "However we live our life, shouldn’t detract from the fact that a fire has left us with nothing. We’re incredibly grateful to anyone who gives us support."

You can support the family's GoFundMe here.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/FOX 29 Philadelphia

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