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Man claiming to be in 1998 shares two pieces of evidence as ‘time travel proof’

Man claiming to be in 1998 shares two pieces of evidence as ‘time travel proof’

The TikToker has been trying to convince his followers

A man who documents his 'time travel' on TikTok has revealed two pieces of 'evidence' to prove he's a time traveller.

TikToker @jimmmofficial, from the US, shares heaps of videos about his 'time travelling' abilities, trying to prove to followers that he can, in fact, defy the laws of physics, along with all the other TikTok time travellers.

And in his latest video, he's shared some 'evidence' that he travelled back to 1998.

The man shared two pieces of 'evidence'.

As far as most of us are concerned, time travel is only possible in fictional books or movies.

But one man says for definite that he can travel to all kinds of different eras.

However, people are not convinced, which is why he's been sharing video after video trying to prove he can move between the years freely.

People are just so cynical these days.

"Guys, I'm in 1998," he begins.

"Let me show you something... RadioShack, you see that?

"RadioShack, I'm not lying. I came all the way to 1998 so I could respond to that comment."

RadioShack is an electronic retailer that was set up in 1921. However, the RadioShack Corporation filed for bankruptcy back in 2015.

But he wasn't done there, with the TikToker also claiming he was stood next to an old school payphone from the nineties.

"Check it out, a payphone, just like you wanted to see," he told the camera.

"How do you deny this guys? I'm literally here."

But people are still sceptical, with many asking him to go to other places, while some suggested other things he could do to 'prove' his claims.

One person wrote: "Buy a newspaper with the date clearly marked."

While another said: "He should video tape him walking in the store to buy the newspaper and go straight to the date but I totally agree with you."

And a third added: "Ask a random person on the street in front of your camera."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "I would believe it if he actually went into a store, paid for items and showed us receipt. Or better yet go live."

He revealed a payphone too.

One particular request is for the TikToker to show cars driving down the road.

Meanwhile others have asked him to provide upcoming lottery numbers.

In a separate video, the man shared a series of upcoming lottery results, but very coincidentally, his audio was interrupted while he was reading out the numbers.

What a coincidence!

"It’s OK just go back in time three mins and say the numbers again before the noise kicked in," joked one.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/Jimmmofficial

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