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Video shows vegans throw roses on meat at counter to 'pay homage to the fallen'

Video shows vegans throw roses on meat at counter to 'pay homage to the fallen'

Vegans threw flowers at the meat in order to 'pay homage' to the animals

Vegan protests at supermarket meat counters are relatively commonplace, but things took a turn for the bizarre when a group of vegans decided to place flowers on packaged meat to mourn the dead animals.

The vegans took it upon themselves to 'pay homage' to the produce in a funeral-style fashion.

Watch it here:

The video, which is from a couple of years back but has recently resurfaced on Twitter, sees a handful of people crowd around the meat counter at a supermarket.

Orchestral music soundtracks the ordeal, as one protester steps forward with three roses.

He delicately places them on the produce throughout the counter - which has a Fresh Meat sign above it.

Another then follows suit as she scatters the roses on the right-hand section.

The person filming what looks like a funeral-style procession then pans to a POV shot where they place the flowers over the packaged red meat, concluding the 14-second video.

The vegans can be seen placing roses on top of the meat.

The video in question has amassed an impressive 1.1k likes nearly 1k quote tweets and over 300 retweets.

Hundreds flocked to share their views on the 'homage' video.

One Twitter user posted: "I don't know how many years my brain can handle this planet. Everything nowadays is a video captured virtue signal for an ate up cause."

Another saw the opportunity to poke fun out of the group: "Now I can bring my girlfriend a rose with dinner."

"If y’all could keep doing this my wife loves when I bring home flowers and a steak to cook," a third added.

Some seemed to be exhausted by the content of the video, with one Twitter user posting: "That’s enough Twitter for today."

Others attempted to open up the debate surrounding veganism.

The video has sparked hundreds of reactions on Twitter.

"When animals eat meats then it’s fine but when people do then it’s suddenly bad?" questioned one person.

Some found the video embarrassing with one person commenting: "Never help themselves these lot do they?" while another pondered: "How do you do something like this without dying of cringe?"

Others, however, compared the rose-laying to alternative forms of animal rights protests.

"This is the most respectable thing they have done so far. I'm surprised they didn't throw blood at the end of the video," wrote one person.

The news follows vegan activists supergluing themselves to Muller lorries in Droitwich, Worcestershire, last week.

Traffic was immediately halted when approximately forty Animal Rebellion members climbed on top of the vehicles in protest of the dairy produce.

Featured Image Credit: RadioGenova/Twitter

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