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Viewers Praising Ukrainian's Strength And Resilience After Watching Netflix Documentary To Understand The Country's History

Viewers Praising Ukrainian's Strength And Resilience After Watching Netflix Documentary To Understand The Country's History

People have been streaming the film since Russia declared war on Ukraine earlier this month

People are praising the strength and determination of the Ukrainian people after watching a gripping Netflix documentary.

Ukraine is currently in the midst of a brutal and devastating war with Russia and hundreds of civilians are said to have been killed since Russian president Vladimir Putin declared war and ordered his troops to cross the border.

Since the invasion began, people have been urging others to watch the 2015 film Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight For Freedom so that they can better understanding Ukraine's history and its relationship with Russia.

The film is set against the backdrop of a wave of protests that swept through Ukraine between 2013 and 2014 after the country's government suspended the signing of the European Union–Ukraine Association Agreement, choosing instead to form a closer alliance with Russia.

People are recommending Winter on Fire to better understand Ukraine's history.

In November 2013, thousands of Ukrainians took to the streets to demand independence and express their anger for the then President, Viktor Yanukovych, over his relationship with Putin.

As the authorities looked to end the demonstrations, violence broke out and the conflict resulted in Yanukovych being ousted and fleeing the country in February 2014.

Shortly after, Russian forces invaded Crimea and annexed the peninsula, which is situated just south of mainland Ukraine.

Those who have since seen it have praised the Ukrainian people for standing up for themselves and their country in the face of an aggressor.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "I highly recommend watching the Netflix doc Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight For Freedom for much-needed context and recent history. The will and determination by young Ukrainians in demanding democracy and independence is breathtaking."

Echoing the respect, another commented: "If you haven't seen the documentary 'Winter on Fire' on @netflix, I highly recommend it.

Protests broke out in Ukraine in 2013, with people demanding independence.

"It chronicles the Ukrainian Orange Revolution from 2014 and explains a bit more about what's going on right now. The Ukrainians are fearless people."

"This documentary shows the resilience of the Ukrainian People," put a third.

While another added: "The unity and courage of the Ukrainian people is inspiring. They understand and value freedom."

The film has also been commended by critics, receiving 88 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.4/10 on IMDB.

One critic wrote: "Extremely accessible, but also often thrilling.

"If you were never entirely up to date on what was actually happening in Ukraine two years ago, Evgeny Afineevsky's film is an excellent starting point."

If you would like to donate to the Red Cross Emergency Appeal, which will help provide food, medicines and basic medical supplies, shelter and water to those in Ukraine, click here for more information.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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