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People Mindblown By iPhone Trick To Extend Battery Life

People Mindblown By iPhone Trick To Extend Battery Life

A tech whizz has shared their top tip for getting the most out of your device.

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A tech whizz has shared his top hack for extending the battery life on your iPhone. Have a look for yourself:

The TikToker, who goes by the handle @kaansanity, is known for sharing all manner of technological tips and tricks and his latest is one of the most important yet: the much-maligned iPhone battery.

In the tutorial, he gives a step by step explanation for getting the most out of your device.

He says: "This is how to extend your phone's battery life."

"In General, turn off Background App Refresh. And in Motion, turn on Reduce Motion and turn off these two."

Motion can be found under the Accessibility option in Settings.


And by 'these two', the tech whizz is talking about switching off the toggles next to Auto-Play Message Effects and Auto-Play Video Previews.

The next step is to go to System Services. To find this, you need to go to Settings, then Privacy and then click on Location Services.

You then need to scroll down all the way to the bottom until you see an option for System Services.

The influencer says turn off Location-based Apple Ads - if that option is there on your device - iPhone Analytics, Routing & Traffic and finally Improve Maps.

And that's that.


Signing off, he says: "Your battery will last so much longer."

Since the video was posted, it has been viewed more than one million times, with hundreds of people piling into the comments to share their confusion at the speed of his instructions and excitement for no longer having to keep their charger with them at all times.

"Me watching this while my phone is charging," joked one.

Another chimed in: "Do you just fidget with your phone and find these things?" asked a third.

However, not everyone was so convinced by the advice.

One user warned: "Don't do this. Significant Location change is there on purpose for apps to work properly.

"You will experience unexpected behaviours if you do this."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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