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Twitter Users Debate Where The North And South Actually Start

Twitter Users Debate Where The North And South Actually Start

And what does it mean for midlanders?

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Remember earlier this year when the debate about whether it was breakfast, lunch and dinner or breakfast, dinner and tea raged on? And then an etiquette expert piped up and told us all what was what? Well, now us Brits have a new thing to argue about - where does the north begin and where does the south begin?

Pointless host Richard Osman took to Twitter to ask the question and the replies flooded in, as you can imagine.

It seems as though a fair few people seem to think Watford Gap is the point of divide - so many people, in fact, it actually ended up trending.

Chaser Anne Hegarty got involved with her opinion, saying:

But one user didn't agree with Anne and politely responded: "Disagreeing with Anne Hegerty with some trepidation, but I was brought up in the heart of the Potteries, as a midlander. #NorthBegins at Manchester?"

To which, Anne wrote back: "Nope, when I drive south from Manchester I am still in the north until I get to the junction for Stoke. I didn't say Stoke ITSELF couldn't be in the midlands, if you object to being northerners."

A wise man pointed out that you know you've left the north when you find 'the first chip shop that doesn't sell gravy'.

Someone else reckoned: "Wherever it goes from 'bath' to 'barth' and from 'cup' to 'cap'."

Of course, amidst all the arguing about the north/south divide, several midlanders spoke up to remind people that they existed.

Where does the midlands fit into this debate?

"I find your total disregard for the midlands very offensive," one person joked.

While someone else chipped in to say: "A fundamental issue which creates a bias to the answers, is that northeners recognise there is also a place called 'the midlands', of which southerners seem generally less aware."

One midlander reckoned being from the area meant he was in the perfect position to explain where the north ends and the south begins, explaining: "Excuse me, but you're asking the wrong people here. I'm here as a midlander, primed for this. The north starts at Sheffield, and the south starts at Watford."

So, what do you guys think? Ready to battle it out in the comments?

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