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Volunteers rescue Jax the staffy after it got stuck in a cave for two days

Volunteers rescue Jax the staffy after it got stuck in a cave for two days

The beloved dog was rescued from a Central Coast cave thanks to an army of volunteers.

Volunteers have managed to rescue Jax the staffy after the canine was trapped in a cave for two days.

The Daily Telegraph reported the dog's owners were frightened they would never see their pup again.

But, an army of volunteers banded together to help pull him from a Central Coast cave.

The adorable pooch fell into the opening wedged between boulders in Wyong Creek, NSW, over the weekend while walking with his owner Deborah May.

His owner took to Facebook to plead with the public to help her retrieve her pup.

She wrote: “Can anyone help? Needing heavy machinery to break through rocks at Wyong Creek to release trapped dog.”

Well, the post worked wonders, as a swarm of volunteers turned up at the site.

There were so many people that some had to be turned away.

Fortunately, Jax was finally hauled out from under the rocks, which elicited cheers from the kind volunteers.

Central Coast Volunteer Rescue, Cave Rescue owners and friends were among the people who volunteered to save the staffy.

However, Deborah feared the worst during the 48-hour ordeal.

“We thought we would be saying our goodbyes to him last night,” Deborah told Daily Mail.

“We were devastated thinking no one could get him out.”

Jake Cassar/9News

But following the lengthy rescue mission, the owner thanked members of the public who came to Jax’s aid.

"We would like to truly thank everyone for their support in helping us rescue our boy," Deborah posted on Facebook, as per Daily Mail.

“He has been bathed and he is exhausted and sleeping at the moment.”

It comes one month after three men rescued a pooch stuck 150 metres underground in a Missouri Cave.

The poodle-­hound mix, Abby, was saved by a group of cavers, who stumbled on the canine while weak and malnourished after she went missing for two months, as per 7News.

When her owner, Jeff Bohnert, received a knock at the door with Abby in hand, he couldn’t believe his luck.

He told the outlet: “It was disbelief and surprising that she could survive that long, and then come out and still be standing under her own power, she was able to walk to my truck, and I lifted her up and put her in, but she was still able to move around - that was pretty surprising.”

Featured Image Credit: Jake Cassar/9News

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