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Bodybuilder Vows To Marry His Sex Doll

Bodybuilder Vows To Marry His Sex Doll

The actor is head over heels with the doll, despite their 'quarrels'

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A bodybuilder has announced his intentions to marry his sex doll after forking out for plastic surgeons to help her enhance her synthetic features. That's a lot to take in, isn't it?

Yuri Tolochko, a Kazakh actor and bodybuilder, has said he and his partner Margo have been invited onto a Russian TV show called Comedy Club but insists that his relationship is the real deal - so much so, he wants to put a ring on it.

Sharing photos of he and Margo backstage, Tolochko wrote: "I won't spoilt it. You'll find it out at the right time!"


Local media reports Tolochko has been in a relationship with Margo for eight months and says that despite their 'quarrels', he's dead set on marrying on her. He must be next level argumentative if he can pick fights with a lump of plastic.

In a recent interview Tolochko said he took Margo to a clinic (a legit clinic, meant to be used by humans) to get some work done. I'm sure that must have been an odd day for surgeons who work at the clinic.

He claims Margo began to feel a bit self-conscious over her looks after he went public with their relationship. Has anyone told this fella it's a doll?

He said: "When I presented her photo to the world, there was a lot of criticism and she began to develop a complex so we decided to have plastic surgery.


"She has changed a lot. At first it was hard to accept, but I got used to it later on. It was at a real clinic with real doctors."

Befitting the lifestyle of an actor's partner, Margo has her own Instagram page, but, of course Tolochko has to take all the snaps, do all the uploads and write all the captions, because MARGO IS A DOLL.

It gets even more bizarre as Tolochko also claims Margo has a waitressing job at a local bar.

Tolochko said: "She can't walk by herself; she needs help. Margo doesn't know how to cook, but she loves Georgian cuisine. Her favourite dish is 'khinkali'."


He added: "She swears, but there is a tender soul inside."

The actor says they met in a bar after another man attacked Margo and he was able to step in and protect her.

As yet, the happy couple haven't set a date, but I'll be sure to update you all when they do.

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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