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Woman fined hundreds of dollars after being caught driving 'half a car'

Woman fined hundreds of dollars after being caught driving 'half a car'

The car had no windscreen, back window or panels to cover the engine.

Police in Australia were stunned to see a car careering towards them over the weekend that looked like something Cruella or Satan himself would drive.

But, instead of the pits of hell, they were on McIntyre Road in Sunshine North, Victoria at about 3.30pm.

And, instead of the devil himself, it was a woman from Brighton, who had driven approximately 40 minutes from her home address to where police spotted her behind the wheel of the hell-vehicle on Saturday (March 18).

The black 2022 Hyundai Palisade had no windscreen or back window, and was totally missing the panels supposed to cover the engine.

And, to make matters worse for the 41-year-old Brighton driver, she had already been issued a defect notice with a fine on Wednesday by police warning her off driving the car.

Turns out Victoria Police had instructed her that it was unsafe and not to drive it.

But, seemingly unperturbed by the danger-wagon, she hopped behind the wheel for a casual Saturday afternoon cruise.

This time, she was issued a second fine of AUD$740 (£407, USD$496) and three demerit points.


Victoria Police shared images of the wild vehicle online, along with a checklist that read: "Checklist before leaving the house: Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Front end of the car? Blank."

The police statement added: "Officers couldn’t believe their eyes when this vehicle drove past them on McIntyre Road in Sunshine North on Saturday.

"The driver had already been issued with a defect notice by police on Wednesday, warned it was unsafe and not to drive it.

"She was issued with another fine, this time for using a light vehicle in breach of a major defect notice, which will cost her $740 plus earning herself three demerit points."

Her wild road trip almost rivals another incident that occurred in NSW in 2019.

Instead of driving a hell-car though, it was a whole normal car with a bit of a wild addition on top.

A massive trampoline.

The photo shared by police was sort of reminiscent of a scene in The Simpsons where Homer does something similar.

But, fair enough, really.

Some people will go to great lengths for a free trampoline.

Seriously though, it's way too big to be on the top of the car. It's funny, but it probably wouldn't be as hilarious if you were driving the opposite way.

It remains, you have to admit, quite impressive to have balanced such a large and unwieldy thing on top of the vehicle.

We're sure police jumped all over this 'load fail' and bounced the driver for their wild actions.

Featured Image Credit: Victoria Police

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