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Woman Marrying Her First Cousin Has Bespoke Barbie Cake At Wedding

Woman Marrying Her First Cousin Has Bespoke Barbie Cake At Wedding

Irish traveller Chantelle Kielly is marrying her first cousin Jim

A woman who's marrying her first cousin has gone for a bespoke barbie cake at her wedding.

Irish traveller Chantelle Kielly, has invited the whole town to the ceremony while 73 best men were also in attendance, reports The Sun.

The 18-year-old, who opted for no less than eight bridesmaids, is getting married to her cousin, Jim, in what is a regular occurrence among traveller communities.

Channel 4

Marrying your cousin is still legal in the UK and Ireland.

The couple's wedding was secured after the bride's family paid the groom's family a dowry ranging between £41,000 and £99,000.

Chantelle wore a dress designed by traveller favourite Thelma Madine adorned with no less than 20,000 crystals.

Channel 4

Reflecting on the wedding, dress designer Thelma said: "They are really nice people, the girls are very respectable.

"We always say the Irish travellers are like going back 50 years but the Rathkeale girls are like going back 100 years.

"They’re all family and I think that’s how they keep the wealth in Rathkeale because they just don’t let it go out."

The couple are also known for featuring on Channel 4's My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Channel 4

Well, another wedding which has been the talk of the town for the last week was the mega £3 million wedding party, where Brooklyn Beckham, 23, got married to his long-term partner Nicola Peltz, 27.

David Beckham reportedly 'shed a tear' at his eldest son's wedding after delivering an emotional speech.

An insider told The Sun: “David’s speech went on for about five minutes and he looked to shed a tear at one point.

“He was talking about when Brooklyn was born and how he wanted to protect him.

“He said he was sleeping on the hospital floor, holding the door shut because he didn’t want to let anyone get in.

“David got a lump in his throat and had to stop and take a breather to regain his composure, but it was a very sweet speech.”

The star studded event reportedly went on till 3:00am as guests enjoyed an asparagus starter with the option of filet mignon, fish or a vegan dish for their main, with food served at 8:30pm.

The loving couple also enjoyed the classic 'Can't Help Falling in Love' by Elvis Presley for their first dance.

In a tribute to Nicola during a pre-party on Friday night, Becks reportedly said: “We love you so much. We are excited that you’ll be part of the family.”

Aspiring chef, Brooklyn has a number of tributes to Peltz tattooed on his body, including a letter she wrote him, which is located on his neck and upper back.

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