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Woman who left message for 'fit bus driver' has finally heard from him

Woman who left message for 'fit bus driver' has finally heard from him

It didn't go quite how you'd expect...

A 'fit' bus driver has finally responded to a woman who left him a note at a stop and safe to say, it didn't quite go how you'd expect.

In the days when dating apps are just fickle confidence boosts, filled with empty promises and people who don't actually want anything more than a one-night stand, Donna Suter decided to shoot her shot IRL to make her fairytale ending come true.

Just when I thought I'd given up on the idea of ever finding true love...

Donna was with her friend at Two Birds and One Stone in Whitefield when they spotted a rather good-looking bus driver sat behind the wheel of a 531.

Despite Donna sending her friend - Ryan Mendelson - sprinting after the bus, the driver got away.

So, Donna took matters into her own hands and - channelling a similar vibe to her namesake from Mamma Mia - wrote a letter to the driver with her number on it reading, 'Hey fit bus driver call me,' sticking it to the bus stop post.

And as if luck should have it, the driver has since responded to Donna's call out - Donna having publicly come forward as the writer of the note earlier this week (Tuesday, 4 July).

Donna went to desperate measures to get the driver's attention.
Donna Suter

Alas, just when I thought I'd given up on the idea of ever finding true love... I've realised I'm right and should give up on my rom-com ending completely.

Donna ended up receiving a text from the driver, with the mum-of-two telling Manchester Evening News she knew it was him because he attached a photograph.

Sadly, he texted to say he was in a relationship. As all the good ones always are - are there any even left out there?!

Donna revealed the driver actually said to her: "You seem an absolutely lovely girl, if I wasn't in a relationship I would have stopped the bus."

I'm not quite sure how I'd feel about that if I were the driver's girlfriend, but hey, a guy with good looks who lets someone down nice and gently? They're as mythical as flying ponies.

Donna and her pal Ryan were out for lunch when they spotted a handsome bus driver.
Donna Suter

The driver initially kept the joke running with his colleagues who were 'all talking about it, guessing who it could be'.

But finding it all 'highly amusing,' he eventually told them and has 'laughed all week about it'.

Despite the bus note not resulting in her happy ever after, Donna isn't put off trying again.

She said: "It's my personality all over. Being out there and living life, not following the dating apps, it's not my style. Maybe it will change the way people treat each other in the dating world."

Featured Image Credit: Donna Suter

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