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Football fan goes viral for making his own VAR at a World Cup game

Football fan goes viral for making his own VAR at a World Cup game

One footie fan took things into his own hands at the Fifa World Cup.

One footie fan took things into his own hands at the Fifa World Cup by making his own VAR.

Look, VAR can prove controversial, to say the least. But now, it seems one World Cup spectator decided to be the judge for himself.

Check out the hilarious invention here:

As the TikTok video shows, a Qatar stadium goer makes his own close-up of the game.

The clip, shared by @cristina_balles with the caption: "Let me introduce you the REAL VAR," sees one viewer use his iPhone and binoculars to get a better look at the games.

And, honestly, it's not a bad shout as it gives you a way better view of things, instead of squinting to see the players on the pitch.

And people went mad for the lad's hack, with one person thinking that the guy was incredibly intelligent: "When you're Smart, you're Smart!!!!"

A second added: "genius" however, some trolled the lad saying "buy a s22 Ultra mate."

While others suggested they knew the guy behind the technological advancement, adding: "this Is a elon musk xd."

Think smarter, not harder.

Either way, this lad's technique is less controversial than the VAR being used at the game, as people were getting suspicious of refs during Ecuador's match against Qatar when it was ruled as offside.

To a lot of people watching, it looked like Enner Valencia had scored a perfectly legitimate header, only for VAR to intervene and chalk off the goal.

The goal that never was came from a Pervis Estupinan free kick, which was volleyed on by Felix Torres after Qatari keeper Saad Al Sheeb charged out and flapped at the ball.

Valencia was on hand to head the ball into the goal, but Ecuador's celebrations were premature after VAR told them it would be no goal after all.

People weren't thrilled with the offside decision and suspected some foul play.
NPO Live

Plenty have already taken this as a sign that some of the officials at the tournament are trying to give the host nation an easier ride and could be 'fixing' things to spare Qatar's blushes

One person joked that it was a clear case of 'Qatar match fixing already lol', while a second said the refs were 'restarting to 0-0 after conceding inside three minutes' and said it's 'got to be match fixing'.

Valencia later got the first goal of the World Cup from the penalty spot after Al Sheeb grabbed his leg in the box.

The Ecuador captain then got a second goal with a header which wasn't chalked off this time.

Still, many weren't happy with the first header being scrapped and we wonder if they'd perhaps like to try this guy's VAR technique.

Featured Image Credit: @cristina_balles/TikTok

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