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Furious builder gets revenge with chainsaw after ‘not being paid’ for his work

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

Footage shows the moment a furious builder decided to take revenge on someone who allegedly didn’t pay up, having been spotted on the roof of a building with a chainsaw.

The bloke was caught on camera by a neighbour, with the incident believed to have taken place in Swords, County Dublin.

The clip shows him climbing up onto the roof of an extension holding a chainsaw, and angrily firing it up.

He then starts hacking into the roof of the building with the chainsaw, before people come rushing out from inside in shock.


Just imagine sitting at your breakfast bar enjoying a mid-morning coffee and seeing a gigantic toothed blade suddenly bursting through the ceiling...

It's believed the incident took place in Swords, County Dublin. Credit: Reddit/theenchanteda**ehole
It's believed the incident took place in Swords, County Dublin. Credit: Reddit/theenchanteda**ehole

The builder shouts: "This is what happens when you don't pay the f***ing bill."

He then calmly clambers down from the roof, which is where the footage ends.


The footage was posted on Reddit, where it soon went viral, racking up 1,700 upvotes – along with hundreds of comments from people joining in on the debate.

“Fella in Swords Co. Dublin didn’t pay his builder,” the caption said.

According to reports in the comments, while the builder’s reaction may have seemed extreme, it hadn’t been his first attempt to resolved the situation.

A number of locals said they had previously spotted large signs that had been placed in the street in protest, and said: “[Address] DID NOT PAY FOR BUILDING WORK.”


One person explained: “Saw this builder sitting at a roundabout beside the house in question the other day where he erected several large signs saying '(house number) (street name) DID NOT PAY FOR BUILDING WORK' he parked his van beside the roundabout with the same sign in the window. I would imagine the homeowners were well warned.”

He did not look happy. Credit: Reddit/theenchanteda**ehole
He did not look happy. Credit: Reddit/theenchanteda**ehole

Another commented: "I love the 'temporary sign'. It shows that they put a bit of thought into it before going nuclear with a chainsaw on a roof."

A third said: "You made me shoot coffee out of my nose."


A fourth added: "They will have some job getting someone to fix it no one will take the job when they find out what happened."

Others pointed out how fortunate it was that the area had been enjoying good weather recently, given that whoever lived in the house had a new impromptu skylight.

"Thank God we've had such a good summer," one said, with another agreeing: "Tis grand we don’t get much rain here."

A word to the wise: pay your tradespeople.

Topics: World News, Viral, Reddit

Jess Hardiman
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