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Domino’s has apologised after worker caught ‘picking his nose and wiping it in dough’

Domino’s has apologised after worker caught ‘picking his nose and wiping it in dough’

The pizza chain had to close the store and deep clean it

Watching the delivery driver pull up outside with your hot box of pizza is an incomparable feeling.

That steamy dough slathered with rich tomato sauce, lashings of gooey melted cheese and all your favourite toppings, ah, delicious.

And while we might all debate over whether pineapple is acceptable for going on pizza or not, I’m sure there’s one thing we can all agree on.

None of us want a pizza topped with someone’s snot. Surely.

Yet Domino’s have had to apologise after one of its workers were caught ‘picking his nose and wiping it in the dough’.

Bet that’s got you retching.

A video recently went viral from a Japanese branch of the pizza chain where a worker was kneading the dough and chatting to the person behind the camera.

However, part way through, he smiles and seems to absolutely shove one of his gloved fingers right up his nostril.

Having a good old pick and move about up there, he then wipes his finger almost theatrically onto the big blob of pizza dough in the kitchen.

And within hours of the video being shared on the Bakusai online forum, Domino’s Japan took to X.

Titled ‘Apology and Notice Regarding Inappropriate Conduct by Our Employee’, the post explained the man in the video was a part-time employee of the store in Amagasaki City in Hyogo Prefecture.

This might put you off a pizza.

Domino’s claims the video was filmed in store after hours and vowed to ensure ‘something like this never happens again’.

Apparently, it closed the store with operations suspended, getting it totally sanitised with a deep clean.

The employees involved in the viral video were also set to be punished in accordance with the employment regulations.

Pretty reassuringly, the company said that as the store wasn’t open at the time, no dough got used and that the dough from the video was destroyed before it could be made into pizzas or customers.

Domino's had to deep clean the store.

It added: “We deeply apologize for making our valued customers uncomfortable.”

Snot and mozzarella pizza anyone?

While it doesn’t contain any bogeys, Domino’s customers were previously shocked by how many calories are in its iconic garlic and herb dip.

According to the company's official nutritional information, the large 100g pot of dip has 675 calories.

That's more than three large slices of the chain's cheese and tomato pizza, two McDonald's McFlurrys or a Burger King Whopper.

While some users said it’s a ‘disgusting amount’, others said it ‘absolutely’ won’t stop them from finishing the pot every time.

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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