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Clothes of missing two-year-old discovered almost nine months after he vanished in heartbreaking update

Clothes of missing two-year-old discovered almost nine months after he vanished in heartbreaking update

The toddler's clothes have been discovered almost a year after his disappearance

The clothes belonging to two-year-old toddler Émile Soleil have been discovered.

A French prosecutor sadly revealed that they were found almost 500ft from where his skull was discovered on Saturday (30 March), which was confirmed to match his DNA.

It is the latest disturbing update in the tragic case of the missing boy, who mysteriously disappeared almost nine months ago in the French Alps.

The boy has been missing for almost a year.
Police Handout

The child's skull and some of his bones were uncovered near the isolated family home where he vanished in July 2023.

Aix-en-Provence prosecutor Jean-Luc Blachon revealed the news of the discovery of his clothes on Tuesday evening, as he is leading the criminal investigation into Émile's disappearance.

Émile's 't-shirt, pants and shoes' weren't 'gathered in the same place', but spread out over a few metres.

An unnamed walker is responsible for uncovering the skull and bones, as police revealed to Le Figaro that they would have 'preferred that she didn't touch anything.'

When news emerged last summer of the child's disappearance, hundreds of civilians helped efforts of police and sniffer dogs to search for the boy, who was last spotted at 5.15pm on 8 July, wearing a yellow t-shirt and white shorts.

As the boy's clothes were found scattered, a possible reason for his disappearance could be wild animals, and it would explain the 'bite marks' and 'small fractures' discovered on the skull, according to Mr Blachon.

Jean-Luc Blachon addressed a press conference on Tuesday 2 April.

The cause of his death is not conclusive though, as the possibility of a fall has been suggested, that could have damaged his skull.

'Murder or manslaughter' was also theorised by the prosecutor, as analysing the bones hasn't revealed the cause of his death.

The skull was missing a tooth, but when discovered by the walker on Saturday, she was 'disturbed', and put the remains into a plastic bag.

Mr Blachon explained: "She went home and called the police. She was able to pinpoint exactly where she found it."

Émile was in the care of 58-year-old grandfather Philippe Vedovini at the time of his disappearance.

The prosecutor continued: "At this time, we cannot say whether Émile’s body was already in the searched area. I cannot say that every square metre was searched.

"The topography there is difficult with steep slopes making observation and excavation difficult.

"It was also very hot in July 2023, with temperatures of more than 30C in the shade. which could have affected the effectiveness of the tracking dogs and infrared cameras."

The family were informed of the tragic discovery while they were at Easter Sunday mass last weekend, and have not commented on the discovery.

It is unclear where or how he vanished.
Getty Stock Photo

Émile's family have an extreme right wing political background, which was examined by police.

His father Colomban Soleil was previously being arrested for attacking foreigners in 2018.

He and his wife supported the Reconquest party of Eric Zemmour, who was found guilty of hate speech in 2022.

Lead prosecutor Remy Avon, responsible for heading the judicial inquiry into Émile's disappearance, said there were a number of possible reasons, such as kidnap or murder.

His parents' home and his grandparents' home were raided and searched when he went missing in July 2023.

Full timeline of Émile Soleil's disappearance

8 July 2023 - Émile vanishes

Two-year-old Émile Soleil is staying with his grandparents in the remote hamlet of Haut-Vernet in the French Alps.

On 8 July, he is seen by his maternal grandparents playing in the garden, as they host a family reunion.

He is later seen by two neighbours walking by himself on a street in La Vernet, 2km away, wearing a yellow t-shirt, white shorts and hiking shoes.

His grandparents call the police around 5.15pm when they realise he isn’t at the house.

9-13 July 2023 - Huge search launched

Police, soldiers and volunteers scour 1,200 acres searching for Émile in a huge search utilising drones and helicopters.

His mother’s voice is played ‘as loud as possible’ from speakers in aircraft over the search area.

The search officially ends on 13 July, though the investigation continues.

A huge search was launched for Emile.

November 2023 - Émile’s mother makes public appeal

On what would have been Émile’s third birthday, his mother makes a public appeal.

If he is alive, she pleads for his safe return, and if not she asks for his body to be handed back for burial.

28 March 2024 - Police reconstruct last sighting of Émile

Investigators summon 17 people, including Émile’s family members, back to Haut-Vernet to reconstruct his last known movements.

30 March 2024 - Émile’s partial remains discovered

Some of Émile’s skull bones are discovered by a hiker more than 1km from Haut-Vernet.

The following day, police confirm the DNA matches Émile’s.

His parents say in a statement: “This heart-breaking news was feared, and the time has come for mourning, contemplation and prayer.”

His cause of death remains a mystery.

Featured Image Credit: Police Handout/NICOLAS TUCAT/AFP/Getty Images

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