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‘Ridiculous’ job advert sparks outrage as people say demands are a big ‘red flag’

‘Ridiculous’ job advert sparks outrage as people say demands are a big ‘red flag’

The company director has since defended the advert

A company director has defended his unusual job advert after some social media users branded it a ‘red flag’.

The listing, which was shared on Reddit, states that those ‘over 40 are encouraged to apply', before detailing a number of requirements including someone who is ‘willing to listen, while you are talking you are not listening’ and ‘have internet that works faster than dial-up speed’.

The tongue-in-cheek advert, for Australian-based National Rental Inspections, also requires the successful applicant to have their own vehicle and iPad.

It also states: “I know this but it's my business, so you must be willing to listen to me and learn, I know everything already.”

And jokingly adds that the ideal candidate will be ‘able to alphabet, sentance, punctuate and grammar way better than me, i don’t need to, i have staff [sic].’

Another must is: “Be good with people. My clients are very important to me, so it would be nice if you could be nice to them.”

The job advert was posted on Reddit where one user branded it a ‘red flag’ and that it would put them off applying for a role.

The tongue-in-cheek advert ruffled a few feathers after it was shared on Reddit.

“I would definitely not apply, what a huge red flag,” wrote one Reddit user.

While another said that it made the employer sound like a ‘nightmare to work for’.

However, others managed to see the funny side of the post, with one person writing: "He/she is fed up with idiots in the past, I love this advert.”

And a second said: "It's funny, the employer obviously has a sense of humour.”

Company director Michael Uspensky has also defended the post saying that he hopes the advert will appeal to people with a sense of humour.

He told Yahoo News Australia: "Ultimately, we're looking for a particular person.

Some people said the ad would put them off applying.
Pexels/Alex Green

"I want someone with a sense of humour because in our business, we're doing inspections in tenants' places so we want to get in there, be happy and just treat the tenants with respect and have a bit of a smile and keep it casual."

He went on to say that hopeful employees had told him they liked the advert and the fact it stood out.

"All ads look the same, you've got to look different, and people are sick of being treated like a number,” he went on.

“And I've had so many people say 'we applied for this job because of your ad'."

Featured Image Credit: Getty stock image/National Rental Inspections

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