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Newsreader fired over on-air coffee cup mistake

Newsreader fired over on-air coffee cup mistake

Award-winning news anchor Meltem Günay was immediately fired following her Starbucks blunder

As a broadcaster, making sure that you are presenting yourself as an unbiased source of news is key.

However, one TV news anchor has met the wrath of her employers over a seemingly innocuous looking cup.

See if you can see what caused the backlash in the clip below:

It was only three days ago on Christmas Eve that Meltem Günay took to her usual station at TGRT Haber to read the news.

The 45-year-old is an award-winning newscaster for the Turkish media company, but it was on this news segment that she made a on-air blunder which would cost her.

The coffee cup ended up costing Günay her job.
TGRT Haber

Günay left a coffee cup from Starbucks in front of her as she read the news, resulting in her immediate firing alongside the director of the show.

TGRT Haber said in a statement: "In the news broadcast of TGRT Haber TV dated 24.12.2023, Meltem Günay, who was an announcer, was seen presenting the news with a Starbucks cup in front of her.

"In accordance with the principles of our institution, it is strictly forbidden for the announcer to present on TGRT News TV in a way that will covertly advertise any company.

"The news anchor and director who acted contrary to this principle were terminated for just cause.

"Our institution has an understanding that knows the sensitivities of the Turkish people regarding Gaza and defends them to the end. It is absolutely impossible to approve any action or publication contrary to this.

Starbucks is a controversial brand in Turkey.

"We do not approve of this action of the presenter and director, whose employment contracts were terminated, and we strongly condemn it.

"For this reason, their employment contracts were terminated.

"From now on, our institution will continue to stand by the Gaza and Turkish people and protect their sensitivities until the end.

"It is announced to the public with respect."

The controversy is due to the largely Muslim population in Turkey, who mostly support Palestinians in the war in Gaza.

Starbucks is considered to be pro-Israel in the country due to its recent social media and legal battle regarding the conflict.

The boycott from coffee drinkers in Turkey began after Starbucks sued its own union (Starbucks Workers United) after a since-deleted post to their social media page allegedly showed support for Palestine.

The Israel/Palestine conflict played a part in the news anchor's firing.

The union group allegedly shared a post of an image showing a Hamas bulldozer tearing down a Gaza strip fence which read: “Solidarity with Palestine.”

Starbucks then went on refute to Union’s statement: "We unequivocally condemn these acts of terrorism, hate and violence, and disagree with the statements and views expressed by Workers United and its members."

Starbucks then sued the union for trademark infringement, saying the use of its logo was confusing to the public.

The incident has led to widespread boycotts of Starbucks around the world from supporters of both Isreal and Palestine.

The CEO Laxman Narasimhan went on to write a letter, saying the protests were a result of the ‘misrepresentation on social media of what we stand for’.

LADbible has contacted Starbucks for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TRGT HABER

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